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Antique Oriental Rugs

Updated on February 22, 2012

Antique Oriental Rugs

Antique Chinese Oriental Rugs #43321
Antique Chinese Oriental Rugs #43321 | Source
Antique 17th century Ningsia Oriental Rug #3285
Antique 17th century Ningsia Oriental Rug #3285 | Source

Antique Oriental rugs were always a part of my life growing up, and we had dozens strewn about the house. They were given to all the family members, and they were distributed upon the passing of my grandfather and grandmother. We had always grown up in their house, a mansion really, and it was fascinating to get them into our own hands and apartments and see what they really felt like and looked like up close. There is an altogether different feeling when you actually own an antique oriental rug versus just admiring them in someone else’s house. They take on a new character. They become personal. They are forever kept as assets in your home.

A lot of antique oriental rugs are pretty hard to come by too. There are so few that are actually low-priced enough that anyone can afford them. People that are in a lower-income bracket may have trouble getting them unless they are handed down by relatives. In fact, the way that most people get them is that they are handed down by relatives. They become family treasures, and they get handed down to different members of the family when new marriages, new homes, new apartments, or new passing’s happen.

Antique oriental rugs are a lot better than the cheap knock-off rugs you see when students first move into their own apartments. They may get something that looks like a Persian rugs, but it won’t be costly and antique. Getting an antique oriental rug for the first time in my apartment was a momentous experience because it wasn’t until I actually purchased one that I saw the difference it made in my apartment. Before, I had just seen them from afar in furniture galleries and stores. Now, I actually had one in my possession that was amazing to see and feel up-close. I could sit on it all I want. I could lay on it at my heart’s content. It was a great experience to just be with it up-close.

A number of my friends purchased knock-off Persian rugs, but they were never quite as good-looking as the Persian rug that I originally purchased when I bought my first antique oriental rug as a graduation present from my mom to me for getting such a stellar performance in school. That rug was the first and best purchase I ever made for my apartment.


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