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Decorate Children's Room/Bedroom/Apartment With Cat Pictures

Updated on January 9, 2015

Who's The Boss?

Your first decoration option should always be your own pet's photographs. Your cat will appreciate it, even without showing it, or showing it right away -- it will realize that it secured a corner in your heart and carved out a piece of framed eternity for itself

But what's bothering me about these creatures is that no matter what you do, they make you feel like it is them who are doing you a favor even for accepting something from you.

That's just annoying. Who do they think they are?

I confess: when nobody looks, I'm often tempted to kick a cat. Just to show it who's the boss.

Take dogs, for example. These guys are always happy to see you, they jump on you when you get back from work, they openly show their feelings -- they are generally uncomplicated animals.

Whatever - they let you know they love you, eventually convincing us that their affection for us is unconditional. But cats?


For instance, take this black street cat that lives near our house. When seeking attention, it will hold its tail high in the air, confidentially revealing its behind in a sign of extreme independence and indifference.

Yet I know it's hungry. But I won't give it food when it acts like it doesn't need it.

I will wait until it asks for it.


Once Upon a Time

There was this one cat I liked. It was a very old Siamese male, who was reportedly very scared of strangers (he lived in a friend's house).

He would come and sit on my lap and absorb my heat. He also drooled and looked apathetic. I didn't mind though - I was pleased to see a cat ready to show its feelings.

Unfortunately, that didn't last for long. One day, I visited the friend's house and noticed the pet's absence. The cat died.

That day, something died in me too.


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