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Children's Room Decoration with Dog Pictures: Pugs, Terriers, Poodles

Updated on January 9, 2015

Best Friend

There are dog people and there the cat people. Dog people (you know who you are) look down upon cats (and cat people), and cat people (you also know who you are) look down upon dogs (and dog people). Then, there are of course the half breeds who like both dogs and cats.

At first, I couldn't believe that such people existed - it just seemed too improbable in light of the dog-cat war propaganda translated on TV. Eventually I realized that I've been brainwashed; dogs and cats can coexist perfectly, especially if trained to tolerate each other from the earliest stages of adoption, or if adopted together.

Anyway, I will keep my neutrality. This little article is about dogs, all dogs (I may add more on particular kinds because there are many cute posters on various kinds of dogs) without discrimination.

Dogs accompanied men for thousands of years, and are known for their loyalty and obligingness on the one hand, and ferocity and aggressiveness on the other. More than anything, dogs are inherently pack animals.

They need a pack to feel comfortable and good about themselves and their owners - indeed, their owners are often the members and the leaders of the pack pet dogs imagine.

Correspondingly, painted doggies will make great imaginary friends to kids, at least until they are ready to care for a real one. There are famous character dogs, like Snoopy, or that one from Family Guy, or anonymous dogs that represent a particular kind.

There also warrior dogs and hero dogs who saved their owners from drowning or fire (I always thought they should cooperate). There are fighting dogs and running dogs, and pocket dogs. There are loud dogs and quiet dogs; small dogs and big dogs, furry dogs and short-haired dogs; pet dogs and working dogs...


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