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Apartment Sized Dishwashers - Small Dorm Size Dishwasher

Updated on February 15, 2012

For those of us with limited space or even if you live alone or with a partner and your lifestyle means you actually make few dirty plates, then you could benefit from a countertop dishwasher for your kitchen. A mini apartment sized dishwasher is ideal for those who do not need full size machine or simple do not have the space for anything more than a compact dishwasher in their home.

Their functionality is exactly the same, but tabletop dishwashers take up far less space and their portable lightweight design allows you to stow away the machine until it is needed or even take it with you in on an RV journey or to someplace where one might be useful but not provided.

Even though built in models are becoming the norm in many modern homes, portable dishwashers still make sense for many people and they're cheaper to run to, so no need to run the big beast unless you have to. If you are renting and none is provided then one of these make sense too as it sure beats buying, installing and then having to lug a full sized model with you later, especially when it might not even be needed in your next rental.

Mini tabletop dishwashers for sale can be harder to find to buy from offline appliance stores but can be easily found online. This page lists some of the best rated models.

Save Money With An Energy Saving Countertop Dishwasher

One of the nice additional benefits to these kinds of small dishwashers for apartments and restricted spaces is the nice side benefit that they use less electricity then a full sized model. A mini apartment sized dishwasher can represent significant savings over the cost of running a full size model for smaller loads.

Modern machines are much more energy and water efficient than those of the past and better still, they actually clean everything properly now. If you were disappointed in the past by the performance level then you can put those fears aside as their modern bretheren as much better at doing their job. Several studies claim you actually use much less water and energy by using one compared to hand washing plates and cutlery and this is lower still when you choose a countertop dishwasher machine. The temptation when hand cleaning plates is to overuse soap and leave the tap running on hot while you do. A large load of plates and cutlery can easily run the hot water tank dry which gets expensive - fast. Mini dishwashers use a fraction of the power and water by comparison.

Small Countertop Dishwashers For Apartment Living

There are many advantages to choosing the apartment life but also a number of challenges not least when it comes to enjoying some of the conveniences offered by modern day laundry and kitchen appliances. Just as the problem of having to drag your laundry to the local laundrette can be eased by the purchase of a mini washing machine so too can the time consuming task of hand washing dirty plates and cutlery by choosing to buy a tabletop apartment sized dishwasher.

Portable dishwashers for apartments come in a variety of different styles. There are larger wheeled 18 inch dishwashers, two drawer dishwashers which fit into your kitchen cabinetry or small countertop sized machines for small loads which can stow away when not in use if you choose or find a permanent spot on your kitchen counter work surface without taking up too much room.

These smaller machines are a great choice for renters, whether it be apartment or house rental as they are so easily portable and do not require any professional plumbing work or for you to have to make physical modifications to your kitchen cabinets. When you move on, transporting them to your next living place is easy and they'll fit nicely in just about any kitchen.

Noise is an issue for many apartment dwellers, and the good thing here is that portable tabletop dishwashers are some of the quietest you can buy. No, they're not noiseless, but if noisy appliances are something which might drive your neighbors nuts, then a mini kitchen countertop model might be the solution.

How To Install A Countertop Dishwasher

The really nice thing about portable dishwashers is that they require very little installation, in fact, virtualy none at all. You do have to think about location though as they will need to be placed next to, or underneath, a sink when in use.

The installation is a simple matter of hooking up the inflow pipe to a faucet and placing the drainage pipe into the sink. The water inlet pipe will push and twist on to the end of the tap to create a firm but removable attachment to allow water in.

This doesn't have to be in the kitchen either, as you can use this anywhere there is a faucet to attach to, so if you have a sink in your utility room then feel free to locate it there...or hey, run it in the bathroom if you like! They give you the versatility to be as creative as you like and the nice thing about stowable models is you can stow away the machine when you're done with it so no one would even know.

Portable Dishwasher On Wheels - The Countertop Alternative

If you are lacking in space but still need more space than a tabletop model can provide for your plates and cutlery, then you might like to look at the range of 18 inch dishwashers out there. Many of these narrow dishwashers provide comparatively large internal space for plates, cutlery etc. but are still smaller than their full sized bretheren. These also have the advantage of being portable should you desire it, or can be installed under a counter if you have the space. The nice thing about having a large one with wheels is you can trundle it out when you need it and roll it back into a storage area when you are done. Be aware many of these may be portable in that you are buying a movable model on rollers but that doesn't mean they are lightweight so don't expect to be carrying these around when wheeling isn't an option.

Used and Second Hand Counter Top Dishwashers

Often the reason for buying a movable dishwasher like these is because you are living in a temporary accomodation of some kind, whether it be an apartment, a rental home, a college dorm, camper or some other place you do not intend to stay long. The thought of lugging a large bulky kitchen appliance around with you when you leave is something most of us would rather not deal with so this is what we opt for. For short term usage then, it probably isn't worth spending several hundred dollars on a new machine if you can get a perfectly good one for less money.

You save money and find an affordable dishwasher online by shopping around and comparing prices at the major retailers. You might also consider looking into second hand dishwashers as well as buying a lightly used model can save you 50% or more on the retail price. As many people do buy these as a temporary alternative, or move in with a partner/get married etc. and need to move up to a larger model, you often find some lightly used models in excellent condition.

A good place to look for a used one locally is at sites like Craigslist etc. or for online shopping there is always eBay which also has a lot of new ones at reduced prices as well. Some current listings at eBay include the following.


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