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How to Help Pick the Right Real Apartment Secret Teak Mobile Phone Photo Size Desi Girl Your Very Own Dream Apartment

Updated on April 29, 2016
Smiling desi girl.  Could it be that she has just found her dream apartment?
Smiling desi girl. Could it be that she has just found her dream apartment?
You will be happy as a lark when you find your dream apartment!
You will be happy as a lark when you find your dream apartment!

How to Find Your Dream Apartment

Would you like to find a nice, safe, comfortable place to stay? If so, I may be able to help you find your dream home. While there are many genre of people looking for their dream home, my focus here is on you -- the apartment seeker. I will share apartment searching tips with you that are easy to follow and will hopefully have you living in your dream apartment, if not tomorrow, then in the very near future.

Know Who You Are when you Choose Your Apartment

1. Know who you are and the type dwelling that will help make your life enjoyable, instead of, and I'm not saying this lightly -- a nightmare. You are looking for an apartment that will positively enhance your lifestyle! I know this sounds like a large order, but it really isn't. You may be just deciding who you are as an individual. That notwitstanding -- I want to share some wisdom with you. Even from an early age, you know what type of environment you are comfortable living in. For example, maybe you do not like loud noise, especially if the noise is coming from some other place other than your own. Have you ever noticed that noise is fine with you, just as long as you are the one making it? On the other hand, maybe you like peace and quiet; a place where you can return to from work, exercising, shopping, etc. and know serene quietness awaits you. There are lots of apartments available that fit these criteria. You just have to find the right one!

Know Realistically How Much Money Your Have for Your Apartment

2. Now that you hopefully know who you are and the apartment environment you prefer, the next step is to take a quick inventory of your finances. I say quick, because, I see no need of going into a lot of mathematical details about how much you spend, where you spend it, how much you have left, or some other type calculations of this nature. The odds are that you are already in a living situation, and know the around about amount you will be able to pay for rent. Just make sure you have the money to cover your rent! You do not want to move into your dream apartment only to have to break your lease and move out because you can't afford the rent, along with the utilities, water, sewage, trash pick-up fees, cable, etc. Yes -- apartment living involves not only having enough money for rent -- but you need money to pay for all the other incidental expenses that come with having your own apartment.

Apartment Search! Let's Go!

3. Now it's time to search for your apartment. Start your apartmen search by having a general idea of the area you would like to stay in. As you know, there are lots of internet apartment searches, including of course Craig's list and even eBay! A note of caution here -- Do not decide on an apartment based on pictures alone. If possible, actually visit the apartment complex. And remember -- visit at night as well as during the day. You want to be sure this is the area you would like to be in during the night time hours, as well as during the daylight!

Don't Forget Apartment Reviews!

5. Do not forget to check out the apartment ratings reviews. I know some people say that satisfied renters do not take the time to write these reviews, reviews are written by the rental management and staff, and only the disgruntled renters take the time to review apartments. Some of this is true, but I see real value in checking out apartment reviews. Sometimes, inadvertently from the comments, you can tell if the apartment is for you. For instance, if someone comments, there are strange looking spiders here, I strike that apartment off my list quickly. Even if this is not true, why take the chance?

How to Inspect the Apartment Before Your SIgn the Lease

6. There is an array of information on the web and other sources on what to look for when inspecting apartments so I won't discuss that here. But I will add something that I found out on my own recently. Include in your inspections testing the thermostat noise. Just turn the temperature gauge off and on (if the apartment has one). Is the apartment still quiet, or does the air conditioning cause an irritating buzzing noise that goes on and on? If the noise does not bother you, then no problem. If the noise does bother you, you may want to rethink choosing this apartment. Sometimes you have to weigh the pros and cons. For example, maybe there is air conditioning noise, but the apartment has other features that you are satisfied with. Then your decision to rent the apartment would be based on whether or not you are willing to make tradeoffs.

Do you Like the View from your Apartment?

7. The view from an apartment is very important for me. If the view is not important to you, again, no problem. I personally prefer not to look out of my apartment and stare directly at another apartment or set of apartments especially in highrise and midrise apartments. I have rented an apartment that faced the highway, which was ok since my apartment was on a high floor and the traffic noise was barely heard -- if at all.

One year I rented an apartment that had one of the worst views I had ever seen. The apartment was a midrise. Rows and rows of apartments across from me met my gaze every day if I looked out of the bedroom window. I kept the window blinds closed, seethed for awhile internally, then I made my complaint known to the rental management in writing. Whew....That felt good -- To get it off my chest. And of course I moved out once my lease was up! Which leads me to the next step.

Always Look at the Actual Apartment You will be Renting before signing a Lease

8. Repeat -- Always look at the apartment you will actually be renting before you sign the lease! I wish I had; however, I have not repeated that mistake! You may be told the apartment is not available because the current resident(s) have not moved out yet, but be sure to look at your apartment before you sign the lease, if you can. You can inspect your apartment thoroughly after you move in, especially if you want your secutiry deposit back, but I highly recommend you look at your apartment before your move-in day.

Apartment Rent too High?

9. If you found an apartment and the rent is a little steep, you could consider having a roomy to share the costs. However, from looking at roommate disputes on Judge Judy and other type shows, my advice to you would be to pick a roommate carefully!

How's Your Commute to and from your Apartment?

10. If you are working away from home, another consideration is the commute to and from work-- that is if you prefer to drive instead of car pooling, riding the bus, etc. A short commute, in addition to saving you time, will also save you money in gas and upkeep to your car. Bottom line, getting to and from work should be a cost consideration as part of your overall apartment budgeting.

Your Apartment Complex -- Safety First!

11. And last but not least, security is important! If you do not feel safe in an apartment complex, please find somewhere else to stay if you can. Trust your gut instinct. A common mantra is to put safety first -- this holds true for apartment as well as any other type of living.

I could probably write a book on apartment living, but will stop here. The main takaways (in a nutshell) are to choose an apartment that fits you, your living preferences and your budget, and one that is most of all safe.

Enjoy Your Dream Apartment!

Find Your Specific Type of Apartment

4. Decide on the type of apartment you want. For example, do you prefer a townhouse apartment, a tall highrise apartment, midrise apartment or garden apartment? Once you decide on the type, you can narrow down your choices and not waste time looking at apartments you know from the get-go you are not interested in. Makes sense?

Here's how to Rent Your Dream Apartment!


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