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Apartment Single Living

Updated on March 24, 2015

Finding Home

Finding your place out there, all by yourself and single. You ask a million questions, Is it the right space?, does it fit my style?, is it good for my budget? After that it is searching for your Regal Palace. To be home or not to be.

It's Perfect.

You found it, the cutest most perfect place in your area. Now what? Exactly, the thing about single living, is it really what you saw? You start out the way you dream of your single rented apartment to be, then that stupid upstairs or next door neighbor comes home. Ahhh, freak out, police, and bye bye.

The thing with apartment living

It is something I have done twice in my life. Once when I was 20 years old and now living under my own lease and single. It was extremely hard my first time and end in a thankful breaking of a lease. Now it is about the same thing, but now I am smarter as to what it takes to handle problems with anyone while under contract. Do not get me wrong it is hard, but if you can not handle it, get out. Have a wonderful summer and enjoy your perfect stylish home.


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