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Apothecary Furniture : Classic Variety of Cabinets and Chests!

Updated on April 11, 2016

Apothecary was the old world word for pharmacists. Who spend almost all their lives dealing with hundreds of elements which could be dispensed directly to the patients or to be given to chemists to be mixed into some new medicine. Therefore, the apothecary has to have a cupboard, chests and cabinets that could accommodate all the medicinal elements properly to avoid confusion and some drastic effects.

These were the times, where furniture was created with great taste and craftsmanship. Also furniture in olden times was created out of hardwood and was with a proper and beautiful decor. Hand crafted furniture was the norm during those times. There was a lot of gracefulness and class about the apothecary furniture.

How do you use apothecary chests and cabinets in your home?

Exceptionally designed furniture has an appeal today too. Apothecary cabinets and chests can be useful to you practically everywhere in your house.

  • Give your home a classy look: Solid well polished furniture can make your home look beautiful when used perfectly. A single large table or a floor chest/cabinet with exceptional sitting arrangement could make your living room an airy space with only the best necessary items. You can use the cabinet as your corner table. It would allow something decorative to sit on the top of it. You can put in important stuff like pens, paper, contact directories and other stationery if you use the corner table for keeping telephone.
  • Use as entertainment hub: Apothecary tables are another great thing. These are large and can take up some portion of a wall. You can mount your large television on the table. You can also store related paraphernalia like all of your CD and DVD collection according to their niche and variety into this table. So, the next time you want to view a specific movie or a documentary you have the media with you almost immediately.
  • In the kitchen/dining area: If you love to cook using different variety of ingredients and spices, you will find small sized apothecary cabinets a boon. Here you have well created space to store all your raw material without any hassle.
  • Organize your home: You can select apothecary cabinets according to your requirement. Also, the cabinets, chests, tables, etc., come in varied sizes. You can select the size you want if you are thinking of labeling and bifurcating items around the house according to their utility of name. You will find easy storage, easy classification and easy accessibility with these.

Apothecaries required safe and dry space to store their medicines, which was absolutely accessible. This requirement needed them to create some superb and elegant furniture with extensive storage space.

Finding Apothecary Furniture!

Unfortunately, you will rarely find this type of furniture readily available anywhere. You can check out all online furniture stores which do have some pieces that were used by the apothecaries, however, detailing might differ than the authentic ones. You can always get some superb apothecary furniture custom made from the expert carpenter around you.


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