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Apple Kitchen Decor That You Can Paint and Make Yourself

Updated on March 20, 2012

Decorate Your Kitchen with Apples

Apple kitchen decorations are fun additions to any kitchen but are particularly appropriate for country themes. Fortunately, they are also easy to make with a few instructions and craft supplies.


Recipe Box

Create a cute place to store all those yummy apple recipes with a simple wooden file box.

Sand the box lightly to smooth it and remove the sawdust with a soft rag. Paint the box with acrylic varnish to seal the wood and let it dry completely.

Next, paint the box in the colors you like best. While the paint dries, cut out pictures of apples from scrapbook paper or magazines. Mix equal parts of glue and water, and brush it on the box. Place a picture on the box. If you choose, you can cover the entire box, overlapping the pictures. When you have them all placed in a pattern you like, brush another light coat of the glue mixture or the acrylic varnish over the entire surface.

You can use this same technique to decorate the top of a wooden step stool.

Table Linens and Kitchen Towels

Make some authentic apple prints on a table runner, placemats, napkins, or dishtowels. Wash the fabrics to remove the sizing and dry them thoroughly.

Put acrylic paint on a foam dessert plate. Cut an apple in half and apply the paint with a brush. Carefully press the fabrics with the apple “stamp.” Allow the paint to dry completely.

Set the paint by daubing white vinegar over it and ironing it.

Apple Soft Sculpture

Make a quick apple to set on a kitchen cabinet with a little red calico or gingham fabric and a roll of toilet paper. Measure the toilet paper’s height and diameter; cut a square of fabric with sides that match your measurements. You can use pinking shears to cut the fabric, but it really is not necessary.

Set the paper in the center of the fabric and bring the corners up to the top, tucking them into the hole in the center. Tuck the remaining edges in as well. Add a cardstock stem and leaf to your new sculpture.

Serving Tray

Recycle an old picture frame into a serving tray with a little paint or some scrapbook paper and two drawer or cabinet handles.

If it needs it, sand and repaint the frame. Remove the backing and stamp or paint your apples on the glass, or use the glue mixture and paper to decoupage the back of the glass. Replace the cardboard backing in the frame.

Carefully drill through the frame for the screws of the handles and attach them to your new tray.

Braided Hot Pads

Braid strips of red, green, or other colors of print fabric. Coil the braid into a circle and stitch the end together. With a tapestry needle and heavy thread, pull the center of the circle in to shape the hot pad. Add a fabric stem and leaf.

To make the hot pads even better, stitch the strips to form tubes; you can leave the seam on the outside, as it will not show when you coil the tubes. Before you wrap them into the circle, add a mixture of your favorite spices and rice.

Apple Clock

Add a clockworks kit to a painted wooden apple shape. You can also use a square or round board painted your favorite color. Add a painted apple shape, a rubber stamped apple, or a sticker at the place for each number. Attach the clockworks, hands and battery to your new clock.

With these apple kitchen decorations, you’ll have a delicious decorating style that will match nearly any cabinet color and any season.


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