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Aqua Bedspread

Updated on March 16, 2011

Aqua Bedspreads - Other Sizes Available

The Many Colors of an Aqua Bedspread

If you've been looking for an aqua bedspread, then you know just how confusing finding the right color aqua bedspread can be. Is it blue? Is it green? Is it blue-green or green-blue? As you probably already know, the aqua bedspread is sometimes referred to as just plain aqua, aqua blue, or aqua green. So, what's the difference?

Aqua is defined as being a light greenish-blue color, which to me, would indicate the color leans more towards blue naturally with green noticeably mixed in. However, when called aqua green, a bedspread seems to leans more towards an even greener blue color or a bluish-green. Aqua blue bedspreads will definitely be a greenish blue, but just plain aqua can go either way depending on the bedspread designer.

Aqua is one of those colors that really depends upon the viewer. Some could even say an aqua bedspread appears turquoise, because after all, isn't turquoise just a blue-green? When looking to purchase an aqua bedspread, be prepared for the variety of color combinations, so you choose an aqua bedspread in the color that you feel aqua truly is. When in real doubt, just think of it as being the color of an aquamarine - thus aqua!

Decorating with an Aqua Bedspread

Because of the many variations in its color, an aqua bedspread can be really beautiful to decorate your bedroom with. Whether it's for your room, your daughter's room, or your spare bedroom, an aqua bedspread can be the refreshing and relaxing addition to your bedroom. It can also be just plain fun if it's in an animal print.

There are wonderful and beautiful aqua bedspreads available in many different fabric online at sites like and eBay.

Because of the versatility of aqua, an aqua bedspread is also incredibly easy to decorate with. There are not too many colors that will look horrible with an aqua bedspread, because it has two very important colors on the color wheel with it - green and blue. Here is a brief list of some of the colors that would look great with your aqua bedspread: navy blue, lime green, gray, beige, taupe, white, pinks, cantaloupe oranges, yellows, red-violets.

An aqua bedspread is a great choice for the summer to cool your room down or winter if you just need an elegant change. The most important thing to remember, however, is to have fun when decorating with your new aqua bedspread and buy an aqua bedspread that you will love for years to come.

Aqua Bedspread

Aqua Bedspread
Aqua Bedspread


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