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Aqua Curtains

Updated on March 16, 2011

Where to Use Aqua Curtains

Aqua curtains can be used in a variety of rooms through out your home. The aqua color has a cooling affect which makes it perfect for curtains. Light shining through or against aqua curtains can make for an aquatic feel and is nice for bedrooms, living, rooms, dens, kitchens, and bathrooms.

The bathroom is another popular room for the use of an aqua curtain. While the color could be used on the window treatments in the room, it can also be used on the shower curtain. Aqua is the perfect shower color curtain since it makes you think of water.

Aqua Curtains Considerations

Choosing aqua curtains for your home does not have to be difficult but to get the most from them, there are a few considerations when purchasing that you should take into account.

For one you must consider the fabric that is used in the curtains and also if the curtains you choose should contain a lining or not. Some of the popular fabrics for aqua curtains is cotton, silk, and polyester blend.

The heavier the material that the curtain is made from, the less light it will generally let in. The opposites is also true the lighter weight the curtain material, the more weight it will likely allow into the room.

Aqua curtains with a fabric lining on the inside will also let less light through them, making them better for rooms that you wish to keep darker. There are many reasons to keep a room darker, for one maybe you are a late sleeper and the sun light wakes you up.

Maybe the biggest consideration when choosing curtains is the size. You will want to measure the window area and add at least a foot to the curtain size you need. The larger the curtain the more area it will cover and the more privacy you will have.

I recommend shopping online for aqua curtains at and also eBay.

Aqua Curtains
Aqua Curtains


Aqua curtains can come in many fabrics and also patterns. Some aqua curtains will even contain prints, like the the little mermaid or princesses. This makes them perfect for kids and adults bathroom's alike.


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