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Aqua Globes Glass Plant Watering Bulbs

Updated on January 17, 2012

I love to have house plants around my home. They bring the outdoors in and the cheerfulness that I love about my outside garden in. But, I have a small problem, and that is remembering to water all my plants. I will l usually go around once or twice a week and check all my plants if they need water. Sometimes I will pass by one or two that I had forgotten to water before and notice how dry they are. This can hurt my plants growing and blossoming ability. So I knew I needed to find a solution to my house watering issue. I came across a great idea in the form of Aqua Globes AG011706 Glass Plant Watering Bulbs.

The Aqua Globes AG011706 Glass Plant Watering Bulbs are designed for people like me that either forget to water or just do not have the time sometimes. But, it also allows people like me to enjoy my live plants indoors, without having to constantly water them.

The Aqua Globes AG011706 Glass Plant Watering Bulbs are an excellent alternative to watering every few days. They are made from hand blown glass that is stained in a multitude of different styles and colors. Its enjoyable watching mine in the morning, as the sun hits the plant on my patio and the glass shines. It makes all my plants use them in that much more healthy and able to thrive.

The Aqua Globe works by being filled with water until the bulb is full. You then place it in the plants soil that you wish to keep watering, and the water will be released into the roots of the plant. Since, air and moisture in the soil is common the plant will never get more water than it needs. As the water is absorbed into the plant, the water that is in the bulb will slowly be released at the same time, constantly giving the plant fresh water for up to two weeks. It certainly is that clear and easy. So, I highly recommend you take a look and free yourself from the daily chores of watering.


1. Waters plants continually for up to 2 weeks

2. Great for house plants hanging plants and patio plants

3. Extremely east to use just fill with eater and place in soil

4. Made of Hand blown, stained glass

5. Manufactures 1 year Warranty


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  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

    I generally water all of my plants just once a week...some more and some less. For people going on vacation for longer periods of time I can see a use for these glass watering bulbs if one does not have someone coming in and watering the plants in one's absense. Thanks for the information on them. Voted up, useful and interesting.