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Aqua Rug

Updated on March 16, 2011

Why Decorate with an Aqua Rug

An aqua area rug can be a great addition to any room in your home. Although an aqua rug may not be your first choice of rug color choices, you should begin to consider it. Not only is aqua relatively easy to match because of the many variations of the color, it is also available in many varying patterns with varying color accents online. So many choices in fact, that it is insane to think you can't find an aqua rug that would look beautiful in your home.

From the plainest and furriest aqua rugs to the most elaborately woven Turkish or Persian rugs, an aqua rug will speak elegance in your home without saying a word.

Choosing an Aqua Rug Right for Your Home

Deciding you want to decorate your home with a fashionable aqua rug is an easy and smart decision to make; however, shopping for an aqua area rug can be another ordeal. Here are some things to consider - like such simple things as your home's style.

  • Think of your rug as a work of art. Too often people think of their area rug as just a rug. Look at your new aqua rug instead as a work of art that others will stand back and admire.
  • If your home is more traditional, opt for aqua rugs that are Persian, Oriental, or intricately and classically patterned. If buying a printed rug, choose natural looking patterns in your aqua rug like a floral or leaf pattern. Also look for very plain and sophisticated patterns of aqua rugs.
  • If your home is modern, then opt for fun and brightly colored aqua rugs. Choose interestingly woven aqua rugs, such as ones that are curly appearing or look almost fuzzy.
  • Think about what shape rug you want. Once again, considering your home's style can help you with this one, although have some eclecticism in your home is always a good thing. Modern homes can choose rugs in less traditional shapes, while very traditional homes do best with rectangular rugs.
  • Think about what room it's going into or if it's going outside you need to make sure it can handle it. If it's a high traffic area, be careful to look for very durable rugs like Oriental rugs and other tightly woven designs. If it's for a man's room, choose a fun pattern like the bass rug featured on this page. If it's a low traffic area, then buy whatever type of rug you want.
  • Consider your cats or dogs. Don't buy those fuzzy or curly haired type aqua rug if you have cats, because they will have a field day biting and pulling - dogs too. Also think about animals for overall color usage in the rug. Too many light colors can wreak havoc on your home if you have kids and pets.

You can shop online for aqua rugs at and also the world's largest auction site eBay.

Aqua Rug

Aqua Rug
Aqua Rug


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