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The Hoover Multi-Cyclonic Vacuum

Updated on November 17, 2012

I remember the ugly green vacuum my parents had when I was a kid. I hated it. I hated vacuuming. It was loud and dusty. I hated changing the bags. I remember when bag less vacuums came out and we bought one of those. I thought this had to be better. I was wrong. Now the chore of vacuuming wasn't quite as dusty, but it was still loud, and now it was also heavy.

Even today, vacuum cleaners still seem to be heavy and bulky. It seems that to have a decent vacuum you have to spend well over $300. That’s a big price tag for me to commit to without knowing what I am getting ahead of time. So let me tell you about the vacuum my husband bought when I was out of town. Yes, I know, the husband buying the vacuum! He had to have gotten the wrong one right? Surprisingly no, and to this day, I thank him for buying it because I love it.

The Hoover Multi-Cyclonic Canister vacuum we have is a blast from the past with the “engine” being separate from the vacuum part. I was expecting to dislike this vacuum immensely, mostly because of the horror stories my mother used to tell me of the vacuum cleaner she used as a child. But every bad thought I had about this vacuum was quickly sucked away.

Let me walk you through all the awesome things about this vacuum. Soon, I think you will be ditching your upright vac and getting one of these.

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5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Hoover Multi-Cyclonic Canister

It is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Because the beater bar component is separate from force that drives the suction, I am not pushing around all of the usual weight. This makes me very happy, and was my husband’s number one reason for buying it. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and other nerve and muscle disorders that make chores like vacuuming very hard on my body. The heaviness of a usual vacuum was too much for me. But with the Hoover, I can vacuum my entire living room without any of the usual pain or discomfort. There is no hard shoving and twisting with the hips or back. It is light enough that even my 4 and 6 year old can vacuum with it. So, if you want less back pain, and more family participation, then this is the vacuum you need.

So easy to use, even a four-year old can do it.
So easy to use, even a four-year old can do it.
Lightweight enough that a six year old with a broken arm can still use it.
Lightweight enough that a six year old with a broken arm can still use it.

Hoover Canister Features

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Button to turn brush on and off. Cleaning head lid unlocked and locked. Cleaning head with lid opened to expose bristles. Directions to clean the filterFilter components removed. Filter Components in place. Before and After cleaning.  Just rinse with water. Left Button is Power, Right Button is Cord RetractorCord Stop Indicator StickersCord Fully RetractedFully Extended WandCleaning Head hooks to vacuum for storage. How we store it since we do not have a closet.
Button to turn brush on and off.
Button to turn brush on and off.
Cleaning head lid unlocked and locked.
Cleaning head lid unlocked and locked.
Cleaning head with lid opened to expose bristles.
Cleaning head with lid opened to expose bristles.
Directions to clean the filter
Directions to clean the filter
Filter components removed.
Filter components removed.
Filter Components in place.
Filter Components in place.
Before and After cleaning.  Just rinse with water.
Before and After cleaning. Just rinse with water.
Left Button is Power, Right Button is Cord Retractor
Left Button is Power, Right Button is Cord Retractor
Cord Stop Indicator Stickers
Cord Stop Indicator Stickers
Cord Fully Retracted
Cord Fully Retracted
Fully Extended Wand
Fully Extended Wand
Cleaning Head hooks to vacuum for storage.
Cleaning Head hooks to vacuum for storage.
How we store it since we do not have a closet.
How we store it since we do not have a closet.

It is quiet. Now, I am not saying you won’t know that it is on, but compared to the usual pitch and volume of an upright vacuum, it is easier on the ears.

It has a bunch of cool little features that make using it a breeze. The beater bar in the cleaning head can be turned on and off for transition between carpet and hardwood. And the button for that is right on the handle where you thumb can reach with ease.

The lid comes off the cleaning head very simply as well to make it much easier to clean it out. There is no need to flip over a heavy vacuum, get the screw driver, undo all the little screws, and pry the back off to clean out the hair. Just two simple little clips and the lid swings up with no bars or gadgets in your way.

The filter inside the dust bucket comes out for easy cleaning too. A simple latch and the lid pops open. You can pull out the filter and clean it with your faucet! You don’t have to take into the garage and fire up the air compressor to clean it. And the directions to remind you how to do that are right on the canister, so there is no hunting for the instruction manual you filed away.

The cord retracts into the vacuum. That was another one of my favorite features. I couldn’t stand winding up the cords. Going around and around and around those little pegs, and no matter how you wound it up, it always got tangled the next time. Not anymore! Now, you just push a button and ZIP – cord is tucked up and out of the way. When pulling the cord out for use there are two stop indicator stickers, a yellow and a red to let you know when you are reaching the end to keep from over extending the mechanism. This is very helpful when my children are using it.

The handle to the vacuum is fully adjustable. It is relatively short when collapsed at 32in. (2ft 8in.) perfect for my children. It extends to a total length of 41in. (3ft 5in.) making it easy for my husband to use it as well.

The price is pretty comparable. $149 is a great price for a vacuum cleaner, that in my opinion outmaneuvers all my bad childhood vacuum memories.

And last but certainly not least, the cleaning performance. The suction on it is amazing; I can watch small particles being sucked into the cleaning head before it even gets there. We have two cats that of course shed quite a bit. The cat hair is not problem for this vacuum and when we dump the dirt, there is definitely plenty of hair in there. I can’t really say whether or not it performs better than other vacuums. It doesn’t leave behind trails of dirt that were missed and I don’t still feel grit under my feet after just vacuuming. Those are the two main ways I judge a vacuums cleaning ability. I have not purchased multiple vacuums; I only have experience with the three vacuums my parents have used over the last 30 years and my grandmother’s small non suction Shark vacuum.

Features that could be Improved

There were a few draw backs to this vacuum, and while those draw backs do not change my opinion of how awesome this vacuum is, they are definitely worth noting.

The cord is quite short. The average upright vacuum cord ranges from 31 – 40 feet. The Hoover Zen Whisper Canister vacuum cord is only 21 feet. For me, this is a small price to pay to not have to wind up that 40 foot cord myself. The short cord really only presents as a problem in our rather large and packed living room. If we had less stuff in the way, we could probably maneuver better despite the smaller cord. The cord length poses no problems in the dining room, kitchen, hallway or bedrooms.

The dirt canister could use a feature adjustment. The canister has a lid that pops open to dump the dirt. The problem is that it “swings” back and forth while you are trying to dump the dirt, catching half of the dust in the lid. So you end up needing to use both hands. One to shake the canister and one to hold the lid open. If there was a spring mechanism that allowed the lid to open and then held it in place, it would be better.

Everything on this vacuum seems to be detachable, and not always easily either. Because the beater bar is not part of the main engine, the power has to get down to it somehow. So the where the detachable head connects to the telescopic handle is bulky and hard to disconnect and reconnect. I usually need both hands. But I have always found most detachable hoses and wands to be difficult to use for one reason or another whether they be difficult to get to, or get stuck or tangled, so I know that switching to a different vacuum would not necessarily eliminate the problem. I would just be trading it for a different one.

How can I sum it up?

Now that I have used it, my kids have used it and my husband has used it, I will say that it was worth every single penny. Believe it or not, we actually look forward to using it. If I had a friend, co-worker or family member that was in the market for a vacuum, I would tell them to borrow my vacuum for a week and use it for themselves. I would fully expect them to not want to return it. I truly believe that this is a great vacuum to have.


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