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Things To Consider When Choosing A Metal Bed Over A Wooden One

Updated on September 9, 2015
Special thanks to Get Laid Beds for the use of their wooden bed for demonstration purposes.
Special thanks to Get Laid Beds for the use of their wooden bed for demonstration purposes. | Source

Metal vs. Wooden Beds

Working within the bed manufacturing for just under a year, a very common question I get asked is whether to consider purchasing a metal bed rather than a more traditional wooden one. Metal beds, once only a material used in beds that were built for specific purposes, are now starting to find there way into consumer's houses. However, there are some factors you should consider before you deciding on whether a metal bed is right for you and your bedroom.

Choosing Between Metal And Wood

Wooden bed frames definitely have many advantages, they’re more robust, and although metal beds are more solid and durable, the overall construction and sturdiness comes down the the quality of the welds. This process ,which takes a special care, is often rushed through by commercial companies whom are looking to ship products on a quick lead time. The poor quality welding can result in the beds poor life span and an annoyingly squeaky bed (surprising, a turn off for many people trying out the bed!). This is compared to a solid wooden frame, which from the nature of its thickness, is typically more sturdy and isn't prone to cause any unwanted ‘squeak’ noises. Wooden beds were generally built to last (as a unique selling point often made from its higher price) and can be looked after with minimal care.

Then there is the colour options, which surprising, every person I have ever spoke to has this high on their list of ‘I need’ and this is something wooden beds have an advantage over. A wooden bed frame biggest advantage is its natural look, and is available in many different stunning colours. Colours such as white, chocolate or clear (left natural) are the most popular, for their neutral aspects to match an individual's bedroom, and these are finishes that are off limits to metal bed design. The artificial look of the metal bed is typically just not as sought after by individuals who are increasingly becoming more sensitive to different aspects of a bed designs. The colouring on a wooden bed frame will also typically last longer than when painted onto metal, which is notorious for its ease of being scratched off (the reason for this is that metal frame is painted, while wood is stained). Wooden bed frames will maintain it’s stained colour for many years, and this is important for many people who want to keep the cosmetic look of the frame itself.

The properties of the wooden Beds is also another reason they’re beginning to take over the bed market. As you know, metal is a good conductor and this means they can become cold to the touch, especially during winter months. That’s not the only thing wrong of using metal for this use, another drawback is that metal tends to bend more without spreading the weight across like wooden beds, and this leads to the bed being uneven over time. This is perhaps the reason why some people have reported a bad night sleep and even back ache from their metal bed frames (although I can’t verify this, or if other reasons contributed towards it, so take that with caution).

Wood Samples

Samples can be acquired from retailers by request. They're free and you should always do it to make sure it's right for you.
Samples can be acquired from retailers by request. They're free and you should always do it to make sure it's right for you.

When Metal Beds May Be Best

By now you are probably wondering why there are metal beds at all, so now lets consider the disadvantages of wooden beds. Throughout my time in the bed manufacturing sector, there are two main problems with wooden beds. Firstly, there are people who forget to consider that wood is from a natural resource. You can’t have the same look throughout, there will be variation in the wood and grains, knots and impurities will be present. It’s impossible for a timber yard to cut from the same tree in the same lengths and direction and this will change how the wooden bed frame looks. The second relates to using finishes with hardwood. Hardwood's are a good option when you are going for a more natural look, but they are not the best option for colour finishes. They soak in the finish more than often and because hardwood are notorious for a large variation of their colour, it will appear as if some places are coloured more than others.

I've had a hard time dealing with people who come back to me when they find their hardwood with a white finish doesn't look appealing, and this will likely be the case with most hardwood finishes. My advice is don't colour your hardwood bed, but if you really want to, at least select a hardwood like Ash, which colours [a little] better. So when it comes to metal beds, at least what you see in photo is more likely to be what the exact product that is delivered to you looks like.

Final Thoughts

Beds are very personal and symbolic to us. So from my opinion, I would stick to purchasing a wooden bed from a trusted manufacturer as opposed to buying a metal bed. It's about sticking to what you know and trust. Retailers now offer a money back guarantee, but a free pick up service is often only reserved for higher end 'luxury' outlets. Therefore make sure you read up on the terms and conditions not only on the products but refunds and collections too.

Whichever you choose to buy ensure you try the bed, ask the company to send samples of the wood or metal and read previous customer reviews. These metrics will provide you with valuable insights into the bed you are considering buying. Lastly, and most importantly of all, make sure you consider the décor you have in your room. Most furniture should be selected to match the theme of your home, and even a stunning looking bed can be an eye sore if you choose the wrong design!

The Popularity Of Metal Beds

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