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Are You Also Committing These Vacuum Cleaning Mistakes?

Updated on August 16, 2016

Vacuuming is indeed one of the simplest methods to clean the house and make it appear tidy. By vacuuming, you not only make your house look good, but also keep the harmful allergens at bay. The whole activity of vacuuming becomes a failure when you don't use vacuum in your home in the right manner. Undoubtedly, there are a number of vacuum owners who are not equipped with the right knowledge of vacuuming. To address the needs of such users, we outline the common mistakes one makes while vacuuming and the best possible way of avoiding it. Read through:

  • Vacuuming in only one direction

We all vacuum our carpets in just one direction in the manner as we are mowing the lawn. Isn't it? By vacuuming in one direction it becomes difficult to dislodge the dust fully, particularly the allergens and dirt present in the fibres of the carpet. Thus, to fully clean the carpet, make sure to do carpet vacuuming from all four directions in order to bring out the invisible chunks of dirts and allergens bodies trapped deep inside the carpet.

  • Vacuuming is a monthly or yearly thing

Do you wait too long to indulge in vacuuming of your home? You vacuum only when you think that the home is occupied with clutter? Well, this is a deadly mistake. The time when you feel you should vacuum is actually the time when your home is cluttered by filth and dust, a notch higher than what you actually think. Vacuuming must be a part of your weekly routine; instead of waiting for your home to get fully dirty in order to let loose your vacuum cleaner.

  • Vacuuming followed by dusting

Dusting your furniture and other home furnishings is a good thing. But doing the round of dusting after vacuuming the entire home is nothing but an act of foolishness. The dusting should always be done prior to vacuuming. This is because if you do dusting after vacuuming, the entire dust will either stick to the floor carpets or scale off to higher reaches of the home.

  • The Vacuum's bin is full to the brim

Always remember that the vacuum cleaner can work in the most effective and efficient manner only if it's bag is less than half full. So, it becomes of great importance to empty the bag before it gets filled to the half. If you think that emptying the bag is a tedious thing and requires great expertise, then you are certainly wrong. It's a simple task which enhances the cleaning efficiency of your vacuum. So, before starting the vacuuming task, hold on a minute to check the bag and empty it if it is half or full.

  • Not adjusting the settings of the vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaners come with different settings in order to clean different types of surfaces. Often, out of laziness, or lack of adequate knowledge, the users of vacuum cleaner forget to change the settings as they move from cleaning of carpets to cleaning of hard floors. It is of great significance to adjust the settings in order to make the cleaning process an effective one.


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