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Are You Planning to Remodel Your Bathroom? Essential Points to Consider

Updated on February 25, 2017
A new bathroom.
A new bathroom.


The planning stage can be very overwhelming at times, especially if it is your first. You have to consider many different factors including time and cost. But don’t fret because there are a lot of helpful information you can find today just like this article.

Below is a simplified checklist that you can refer to so that the remodeling project will proceed smoothly as planned, without breaking your savings or modifying your timeline.

Scope of Work

Before checking on your budget, you have to determine the kind of remodeling job you’re looking for. Think how much work is needed to accomplish the final output. Would a complete overhaul of the present structure be necessary? Would removing a nearby wall solve the space problem? Go and take a look at your bathroom. Which parts do you think will remain and which ones will go? How much labor will it require? Once you’re decided, consider how much you want to spend for it.

Project Budget

Compare the scope of work to your initial budget plan. Is it enough to cover the changes? Try to list down the possible items you’d need to spend for. If you already have a contractor in mind, you can definitely call them to ask for ideas so you can create a realistic budget plan.

Preferred Contractor

If haven’t chosen the people who will do the job yet, it is now time to do that.

  • First, check if the bathroom remodeling contractor is licensed.
  • Second, are they insured?
  • Third, do they offer a guarantee of their work?
  • Fourth, what are the services that they offer? Do they also have their own plumbers or suppliers of the bathroom fixture and accessories needed?
  • Fifth, read their reviews since they started operating until the present.
  • And lastly, ask referrals from your friends and family. They might know some of them that they can refer to. Usually, those recommended by them will give you real peace of mind and great value for the work.

Presentation of Proposal

Usually, the bathroom contractors will do everything for you. They can even give you their own project plan or proposal but it is always better that you do your research so you can come up with the best decision in the different areas.

Ignorance is never an excuse when it comes to remodeling and other construction-related projects. You have to very sure about every detail. When you have their proposal, compare it what you have and then, decide.

Exchange of Ideas

Some homeowners leave everything to their contractors without really conducting a thorough check on their proposal or project plan. As a result, while the work is ongoing, they find themselves objecting to something.

For example, when it comes to measurements. The contractors have to consider the present code requirements on measurements. So the best thing to do is study the final project plan and don’t be afraid to ask anything from the professionals.

House Preparation

The work can be noisy and messy so you have to prepare yourself. If you are working at home, it might be a good idea to find another place or room to stay while the remodeling is ongoing in your house. Keep your kids away from the construction area.


Doing improvements inside your house is for sure a big task. When planning, for a bath remodeling in Michigan, for instance, you’d have to consider not just the scope of work but also the state’s code requirements. But there’s nothing to worry really if you’ve done thorough planning and preparation beforehand and that you ask help from the best contractors. With that, you will have your dream bathroom in no time.


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