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Are You Resigned to Your Asthma or Allergy Problem?

Updated on November 7, 2012
Do not be discouraged.  There are solutions for asthma and allergy sufferers.
Do not be discouraged. There are solutions for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Are you resigned to your asthma problem?

Seven of 10 people in America suffer from a breathing disorder. I've known some of them and the majority seem to have become resigned to their condition. It's understandable. As one woman said, 'I've been to all kinds of doctors and herbal doctors, and tried more remedies than I can count to no avail.' If you are in that situation, you would be discouraged. Maybe you are discouraged. But there is hope.

The same woman who made the above statement found a solution. A solution that ended years of going to the doctor in anaphylactic shock (airway swelling and closing). She was jaded by all the failures. She was discouraged. But she didn't give up. She found a solution in an air purifier that was effective enough at removing particles, odors, gases, and biological pollution from the air, that within a month, she had managed to avoid any doctors visits and had begun resuming activities her difficulties had forced her to give up.

If you suffer from Asthma or Allergies, I challenge you to stay hopeful. Just because one solution does not work for you, does not mean another will not also. Be open to exploring and experimenting. Take a problem solving approach to your asthma or allergies. The solution could be an excellent air purifier. Or it might be dietary changes or exercise. It might even be a combination of things.

Your first step is to identify in detail, not only what your problem is, but also what all the potential contributing factors in lifestyle and environment might be. Then you will be able to apply solutions with some common sense. If you have a story about how you solved your asthma and allergy problems, please tell us. Share it in the comment section as an inspiration of hope to fellow sufferers.


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