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Arizona Green Building Incentives

Updated on July 23, 2010

Many people want to build greener but simply cannot afford the extra price tag associated with the energy efficiency products and measures. Well if you live in Arizona, this just got easier.

Green Building Incentives

Green Building Incentives are given to home builders who build a home using sustainable methods and materials. A green building permit is issued and the city conducts their inspections based on green building guidelines. A point system is used to keep track of the green building measures and the house is rated. This rating can count for LEED points, but must meet all mandatory minimum green building measures to qualify for the incentive. The dollar amount of the incentive is determined by a combination of applied technologies and estimated energy efficiency.

Income Tax Subtraction for Energy Efficient Residences

One benefit of building your home green in Arizona is that is you decide to sell your home and move to another location, you will get and income tax subtraction of 5% of the selling price of the home, up to $5,000 because you have an energy efficient home.   This is a great incentive program since the average family moves every 4 1/2 years (Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2007).

For more infomration on these and other green and energy efficient rebate and incentive programs, go to


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