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Luminous Lighting: Living Room, Bathroom & Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Updated on November 2, 2010

Landscape, Living Room, Bathroom & Kitchen Lighting, Oh My!

How To Create Effective Lighting In Your Home

Lighting is one of the most under utilized and misunderstood home and garden improvements there is. Surprisingly, numerous homeowners just do not know how to create a desired lighting scheme in their homes and gardens--lighting that can enhance architectural appeal, functionality, and the overall mood of a space. Light can actually have a really visceral affect, in which it can evoke feelings of comfort or discomfort depending on the effectiveness of the lighting.

Best Indoor Lighting Ideas: Great Phoenix Remodeling Tips For Any City

Even if a homeowner has invested in extensive Phoenix remodeling projects, sometimes they still feel like their spaces do not come alive. One of the major factors in bringing a room to life is proper lighting.

Creating Levels of Light
Updating light fixtures is a popular Phoenix remodeling idea because it makes a huge difference in the look and feel of a space, and because updating lights is inexpensive yet greatly effective. Homeowners often under-light rooms using only one or two light fixtures. On the contrary, they should be creating levels of light using multiple lighting sources in one room. There should be various lights for different purposes--accent lighting, task lighting, and primary lighting.

Contemporary Sconces
Contemporary Sconces
Picture Lighting
Picture Lighting

Accent Lighting is lighting use to accent or highlight a particular object, form, or texture.

Task Lighting is lighting used in a functional way. It lights areas where you perform regular "tasks" light reading or preparing food.

Primary Lighting is lighting that can suffice as your overall lighting source or the general ambiance in a space.

Hard Vs. Soft Light
There should be a balance between hard light elements and fixtures that produce soft light. As a rule of thumb, use hard light for accent and task lighting, and soft light for your primary lighting.

To start, you can try using a combo of any of the great ideas for living room lighting, kitchen lighting, and bathroom lighting below.

Portable Floor Lamp
Portable Floor Lamp
Hallway Pendant Light
Hallway Pendant Light

Living Room Lighting Options

  • Whether you have a wall gallery or perhaps just some framed family portraits lining your walls, you can make them look fabulous by adding pictures lights above them.
  • Bringing plant life into your home will add an organic touch to your living spaces. To accentuate them, you can place uplight cans behind them. This creates a dramatic, silhouette affect where the plant forms are beautifully highlighted.
  • Creating a stone or brick fireplace is a traditional Phoenix remodeling project that you can make even more eye catching with lights. Just use some recessed downlights in your ceiling or mantel, and light will glide over the stone or brick accentuating its texture.
  • Sconces are a supremely overlooked lighting feature. They are perfect when used in pairs to flank an object in your living room, or when used in a row as a decorative piece.
  • The hallway and stairway leading out of your living room should be paid attention to, as well. You can place strings of decorative pendant lights in these areas. It looks great and has functional value.

Contemporary Pendants
Contemporary Pendants
Interior-Lit Cabinets
Interior-Lit Cabinets
Lighted Niches
Lighted Niches

Kitchen Lighting Options

  • Bringing natural light into kitchens is vital. One great Phoenix kitchen remodeling idea is to add skylights or high windows to your kitchen. They have lots of architectural beauty and they let in a flood of beautiful natural light.

  • Another hot Phoenix kitchen remodeling idea is to create interior-lit cabinets. These look superb with colored or frosted glass cabinet doors.

  • Functionality in a kitchen is a must. Therefore, well lit prep and washing areas are an absolute must in kitchens. Along with the other lighting in your kitchen, you should also have task lighting over your sink and prep areas.

  • Pendant lights are super stylish in kitchens. They can be used over center kitchen islands, and they look great strung over bars or kitchen nooks.

  • If you have decorative niches in your kitchen, they are the perfect place to add recessed downlights. The lights will shine down onto the objects have displayed in your niches.

Bathroom with Sconces
Bathroom with Sconces
Bathroom with Recessed Lighting
Bathroom with Recessed Lighting
Bathroom with Chandelier
Bathroom with Chandelier

Bathroom Lighting Options

Lighting is an important part of bathroom remodeling. Light can make bathrooms appear larger and more ethereal. Effective lighting in a bathroom is a simple and affordable remodeling idea that can make a big difference in the visual appearance of a bathroom.

  • We perform many "tasks" in front of bathroom mirrors (shaving, putting on make-up, etc.), so having adequate lighting in this area is important. Adding sconces to each side of your mirror is a great option. They distribute even, non-harsh light all around.
  • To create ambiance in your bathroom, cove lights are a wonderful and rarely used idea. Cove lighting is created by using rope lights that are set behind some type of molding. They create a beautiful glow in bathrooms.
  • Recessed lighting is not only for kitchens and living rooms. It is also perfect in bathrooms where it can be used to highlight beautiful tile work or a piece of art you might have hanging on the wall.

Light Fixture Types
+ Recessed Lighting
+ Track Lighting
+ Sconces
+ Pendant Lighting
+ Spotlights
+ Candelabras
+ Chandelier
+ Cove Lighting
+ Portable Lighting
--Gooseneck desk lamps
--Floor Lamps
--Tiffany Lamps
--Side Table Lamps


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