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Armstrong Vinyl Flooring-How to Install

Updated on August 19, 2010

Armstrong Vinyl Floor


Armstrong vinyl flooring can completely change the look of a room. Installing a new vinyl floor is one of those home improvement projects that just about anybody can do, it really isn’t that difficult. The only real skill involved in installing an Armstrong Vinyl floor is patience and being able to pay attention to detail. You would be surprised how big a difference a new floor can make to the appearance of a room. Most people tend to look down when they enter a room and they will definitely notice a new floor.

The most likely place to install new Armstrong vinyl flooring is the bathroom, most bathrooms have vinyl floors. In order to install new flooring you are going to get everything out of the way, including the toilet and if you have one the pedestal sink. You are also going to want to remove the trim from around the doors. A lot of people try to avoid doing this thinking it will be easier to just cut the flooring around the obstacles, it isn’t just remove them.

The easiest way to cut your Armstrong vinyl flooring to fit the room is to make a template out of paper. Tape some heavy paper to the floor and cut out holes where the sink, toilet, and anything else you removed from the room will go. Then cut the paper around the outside edge and take it out of the room an use it as a template to cut the flooring.

 In order to get your new Armstrong vinyl floor to stick in place you are going to need apply some adhesive. You will want to make sure that you spread it evenly on the floor. It is very important that you be aware of the open time that is listed on the side of the adhesive package. If you try to install the floor immediately after spreading the adhesive it will bubble and won’t stick properly. The adhesive needs time to set up, make sure you follow the instructions.

 The only thing that is left to do after the new Armstrong vinyl flooring is installed is to put everything you took out of the bathroom back. When you are re-installing your toilet you may need to get a longer water supply tube. This is because the floor may have been raised slightly. Once everything is back in place you will want to caulk around the toilet and bathtub.

 Installing new Armstrong vinyl flooring is fairly straightforward and can be easily accomplished in a weekend. It will dramatically improve the look of any room. The only real skills you need are to be able to cut the template accurately and to be able to follow the instructions that come with the adhesive.


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