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Aroma Memories

Updated on September 23, 2011

Don’t stop with the rose when there is much more flora,

To enlighten and please with infectious intentions.

Take in the sweet Magnolia; the buzz from marijuana;

They both tingle, tease and relieve anxious tensions.

Breathe in deeply the sweet aroma of Honeysuckle,

Late summer after an evening rain.

Its sweet smell erases; replaces trouble;

Confidence rises, conquers…’tis quite arcane.

Forests are rich with fragrant cedar and pine,

Extending an invite perhaps a random request.

How sullen and sad whence thou decline,

Instead quietly accept and be divinely blessed.

Cool mists ushers in melancholy autumn hues,

Whilst apple, cinnamon and pumpkin pervades.

Families, friends, children’s laughter intensely infuse,

Aromatic celebrations from meals to masquerades.

Cookie dough, coffee, fresh baked bread whet,

Appetites with sweet-smelling hints scarcely adrift.

Moods and memories embedded ne’er to forget,

Gloriously emerge…a noble and remarkable gift.

©2011 KWD aka The RV Guy


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