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Aromatherapy and House Cleaning

Updated on April 4, 2016

Are chemical smells making you feel bad?

Researchers are finding that many chemicals are harmful to us that we never realized. As we grew up we focused on making products that worked and worked well. It never occurred to people at the time that they may be causing themselves harm or just general discomfort. Take the case of formaldehyde and Bakelite jewelry. Starting in 1907 they made large amounts of this type of jewelry which is still very sought after to this day but, in the 1940's they stopped using the formaldehyde because of toxins that are harmful. Bakelite also smelled bad.

Why would anyone want to wear something that smelled bad and was bad for you? The same question should be posed to cleaning supplies. What goes into these get tough cleaners we see? Well, I have read the ingredients on the bottle and I still don't know. They put these long complicated chemical names that have no meaning to me. Often you find warnings on them as well. So if they can be harmful if they come in contact with skin, what are they doing while I breathe them in? I know I used to dread cleaning my tub because the chemicals made me feel bad after. I would get a headache and feel sick to my stomach. I could smell that odor for hours after using it.

In comes Green Cleaning Products

Time has passed and we became aware of the harm these chemicals cause and how bad they smell. The new wave of cleaning products strives to use natural ingredients and essential oils for scent, not those blatantly fake scents that blow you off your feet when you use them. The fake scents can give you headaches and irritate allergies.

One ingredient many natural cleaners use is vinegar. Vinegar is the super power of all natural ingredients. It clean/disinfects and cuts through tough grease and grime. Another super power ingredient is witch hazel. It's a root that has many benefits and helps battle bacteria. Vinegar has a mildly unpleasant smell but when combined with the essential oils is no longer unpleasant.

Essential oils have mass benefits. Not only do they smell fantastic they can bring energy or have a calming effect depending on what kind you use. They are plant based so they are safe. Nothing smells better than the natural oils from citrus, herbs, leaves and plants. Essential oils extract the very best of the plant or fruit. If you use a citrus blend when cleaning your tub you will feel energized and happy after.

My favorite tub cleaning routine

Cleaning a tub does take some effort but I found this process reduces the time and muscle power needed to get a good clean.

  1. wet the tub lightly with water.
  2. Sprinkle baking soda all over the tub (the water helps it stick)
  3. Spray with a vinegar based natural cleaner
  4. Watch it bubble up and work to dissolve soap scum
  5. Scrub the tub and rinse down
  6. Spray with the cleaner again and wipe

Now you have a brilliantly clean tub and the entire room will smell incredible. You will feel energized from the essential oils and ready to take on the rest of the day.

Your choice for your feeling

Remember that different oils can produce different feelings. While lavender can make you feel calm other oils promote energy and awareness. You choose how you want to feel! There is no end to aromatherapy and the feelings it can invoke. One thing you know is you won't feel bad from harsh chemical smells. You also won't have to worry about the negative effects on your health from the chemicals.


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