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Art on Your Wall, Art Complements your Interior Decor Themes

Updated on December 25, 2014

Displaying wall art is a good way to brighten up the decor and works for all themes including the minimalist theme wherein wall art is used to introduce color and texture to the decor. Apart from art itself, unique ways of presentation also add to the charm. It can be innovative shelves, unique frames, or an attractive way of mounting it on the wall.


All art can be as intricate as tapestry or as simple as a framed mirror. Some, however, are unique with respect to concept. For instance, a tree bark can serve as a refreshingly different wall art. It can be presented in various ways. A long section can be polished to show off the natural grains and patterns. This can be then mounted on a wall and the décor of the room suitably modified to match it. Or else, the bark can be used as a backdrop for a lovely painting.

The naturally jagged outline of the tree bark will add to the beauty of the painting. Similarly, leather or faux leather wall art are found in a décor that can be colonial or contemporary. Rice paper paintings, painted wood art, and puppets, impart visual interest to the ambience. Paintings add stature to the décor with their exclusivity although prints on canvas can look creative and can be easily customized. An attractive balustrade can be simply hung up on the wall or else bespoke figures can be created like figurines, animals, birds or abstract patterns.

Some of the most common wall art can be configured to make unique statements. Clocks, key-holders, and mirrors are regular household objects but picking up stylized forms make them unique. Clocks are available in motifs pertaining to nautical, nature, cartoon, and other themes. Ethnic decor can be complemented with the same mirror ensconced in a jharoka (A Mughal projecting balcony with a domed or vaulted roof.). Key-holders come in unique designs like a miniature staircase, guitar, and other unusual motifs.

Family pictures can be utilized as delightful wall art. Standard sized photographs can be colorfully framed and displayed together in a random or geometric pattern.



The display of wall art is equally important to the overall decor. A simple calendar cutout when farmed in dark wood looks grand and rich. Generally, paintings and pictures are framed in styles that match the theme. Straight lines work for a contemporary theme. Rustic style may include simple bamboo sticks holding the picture. The traditional jharoka can hold a painting, mirror, or even a tapestry in style. Wall shelves and ledges are other ways of displaying artifacts on the wall. Wall shelves, in particular, can be refreshingly different.

Consider a wall shelf in the form of tiny descending steps. On each step an artifact can be displayed. Similarly, graded corner shelf in glass, metal, or wood can be used to display artifacts. A corner shelf in the kitchen or the dining room can be used to display colourful teapots. Apart from shelves, shadow boxes and open deep frames can also be used to display artifacts like brass lamps or figurines. For a more lasting concept, consider shallow wall niches that can hold lovely objects of art like busts and pottery. Wall ledges can be made in wood, stone, or glass and can be mounted with exquisite corbels or simple brackets.



Usually, the decor of a room is taken into consideration before selecting the wall art but it can also work the other way. The upholstery of the furniture can be selected to include the colors in the wall art. Furniture, artifacts, and area rugs are usually made to complement the wall art. Here is a way to enhance the beauty of the Indian jharoka. Place a simple settee, liberally sprinkled with colorful silk cushions, under it. This can be further enhanced with brass lamps hung (from the ceiling) on either side of the settee. Have some terracotta pots, urns or greenery nearby to complete the beautiful picture.


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