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The Pros and Cons of Artificial Leather

Updated on May 22, 2009
Artificial leather can look just like the real deal
Artificial leather can look just like the real deal

Artificial leather, often referred to as pleather, has gotten a bad rap in the past, but with new concerns about extinct animals and the humane treatment of animals, artificial leather has become the new top choice. Artificial leather compared to leather offers some perks. Once you take a closer look at artificial leather you will be more likely to consider it for your future purchases of items, like a shiatsu massage chair, that you may have otherwise purchased in leather.

Benefits of Artificial Leather

Pleather is the perfect choice for comfort. It is more elastic than real leather so that allows it to stretch and move which is why it is used in the best massage chairs. The stretching of the pleather allows the rollers in the chair to move and work better.

Pleather is also more affordable. This means you can get great leather-looking goods at a far less cost than you would spend if they were genuine leather. It is also cheaper to care for since it is durable and stain resistant.

Even the disadvantages of artificial leather actually can be considered an advantage when it comes to an artificial leather shiatsu massage chair. The biggest disadvantage is that pleather retains heat, but as you can probably see, retaining heat in a massage chair just enhances the whole experience, leading to a deeper massage.

When many people think of artificial leather they think of the older versions that looked very fake and plastic-like. The newer versions of artificial leather look much more realistic. It is more common for people to mistake artificial leather for the real thing because the appearance has been so improved.

Artificial Leather vs. Leather

Genuine leather usually is considered a rich and luxurious material. Many people choose leather because it has a soft and supple feel to it. However, recent trends have many people looking down on those who use leather.

Leather comes directly from the skins of animals. Many manufacturers who have used leather in the past are being urged to use artificial leathers. Consumers tend to look at manufacturers who use artificial leathers in a better way than they look at those who use real leather.

The reason why many people choose to use real leather is that it develops as it ages and actually looks better after a few years than the day it was purchased. It is a natural product so it breathes and it remains cool to the touch.

The problems with leather, besides the concerns involving animals, include the fact it is expensive, difficult to clean and stains easily. A real leather item will take much more care than one made of artificial leather. You may even have to pay for it to be professionally cleaned which can get expensive.

As you can see, as a material for a shiatsu massage chair, artificial leather is superior. It will function better, last longer and cost you much less. You no longer have to worry about the chair looking fake because there are many realistic options in artificial leather on the market. So, the next time you decide to purchase a shiatsu massage chair, consider getting one made of artificial leather.


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