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Artificial Topiaries

Updated on August 17, 2014
Only one of many uses for artificial Topiary plants
Only one of many uses for artificial Topiary plants

Amazing Artificial Topiaries, Mats and Fences

I have found a new and different type of hedge topiary that is suited for both indoor and outdoor exhibit. Artificial topiary plants in a hedge or box shape are a great way to make your space both beautiful and tidy. This is also great for those who do not have a "Green Thumb" or the time to prune and care for living plants.

One might wonder, "Why artificial?" There are several reasons why these products are just as beautiful as the real plant, and no one will know the difference except you. Imagine a lovely plant that needs no water consumption. Water bills will not escalate in the summer's hottest days. Thus, no worries about adequate drainage.

There are beautiful flower topiaries if someone is looking for something to adorn his or her present decor with a bit of color. I found several different kinds of looks to make sure I have something that is eye-catching.

All of these artificial plants and trees bring a certain class and beauty to any occasion or just for everyday use. There are single, double or triple topiaries.

Artificial hedge topiary trees keep their intense color, always look alive, and well, as long as they do not sit in direct sunlight on a perpetual base. You have to admit that when the season changes so do live topiary trees. Artificial trees never turn brown, or die off the tree. Their color may fade very slightly over the years, but you never have to do anything with them except for an occasional dusting. I never knew that one could make an artificial hedge for privacy.

There is something about a plant in a living space or waiting room. Plants help the surroundings come alive. Plants offer a welcoming, peacefulness of the surroundings. Topiaries help people to relax in an otherwise hurried world. The ideal decor to any office, home porch or veranda is artificial topiary plants. Boxwood topiaries and Ball Topiary for inside or outside, offer the perfect fashionable decor.

As far as cleaning goes, live plants need to have dust wiped off the leaves and so do artificial trees. Using a simple mild soap solution made from kitchen supplies will do the job well. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the leaves.

Artificial topiary trees or plants are an ideal gift that lasts for years to come.

Research the wide variety of choices for outdoor topiary plants, and some have the option of UV protection as well. Outdoor artificial topiary plants are a beautiful, low-maintenance way to add beauty and shape to your landscaping.

There are numerous variations of artificial topiary plants for outdoor display. These artificial plants come in all sizes and heights with different containers attached. These artificial plants are available in up to 12-feet in height.

Some plants come with attached LED lights and make a beautiful decorative piece for the front of an office or in the front of a home. I personally feel that a lighted artificial topiary adds coziness to our seasonal enclosed front porch.

Some fashionable green wreaths and topiaries resembling Christmas trees are now showing up on the internet. All these products need is some homespun decorations and they will be ready to meet guests at the front door. Use these wreaths year after year and their beauty lasts for years.

Instead of cutting down a Christmas tree this year or putting up an artificial Christmas tree, think about topiary trees resembling the Christmas tree for a new slant. They are beautiful trees for Christmas. The tallest Christmas tree I have found stands 72-inches.

Artificial Topiary Walls

Topiary walls is the one thing that amazed me. I never knew these existed. Topiaries are a new and exciting thing that I found out about this week. Many people probably already know about this product, but the information is new to me because I never really paid any attention to topiaries, much less, an artificial topiary wall in a back yard for privacy.

The innovation of artificial topiary walls brings out all the beauty of landscapes while offering privacy to the homeowner. The neat thing about artificial topiary walls is that there is no care or ongoing work with the installations ou install them.

Simply think of the water that is saved because these walls do not require watering like live plants, therefore the homeowner saves a great heap of money on water usage and rest assured there is no heavy labor for the owner in the future.

These topiary walls fit in just about anywhere inside or outside the home. I am starting to think about setting artificial mats on the top of our privacy fence to deter a couple of our felines from jumping overboard.

These artificial topiary walls help to hide mechanics such as air conditioners, and inside they can hide a kitty litter pan. They can add beauty and accent walls. These artificial walls feature a resistance to UV rays and resist any drastic changes in color from the sun. Artificial walls look alive and real.

Artificial Topiary Mats

Artificial Topiary Matts are stunning. Never maintain or water these beautiful mats. Topiary mats are designed and constructed to meet the needs of a homeowner's decor. These mats are perfect for an entrance in an office or house. They add a peaceful decorative appeal to any porch or patio and look so real that no one is able to tell the difference unless they inspect and touch the mat.

I guess it kind of sounds like I sell topiary products, but I do not. I am too busy writing and am busier than I really expected to be when I left nursing. I only found out about this great product and wanted to pass it along to somebody who may not be mindful of the amazing things that artificial greenery can do.

I am likely the only uninformed person on this astonishing idea. I knew that artificial and real topiaries have been on the market for a long time, but by using certain artificial materials there are so much more that this product is used for, such as a privacy fence, that I did not realize existed.


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    • nurse240 profile image

      Carol Ann Sherwood 3 years ago from Jackson, Mi.

      Thank you for your ongoing support to a newbie.

    • The Examiner-1 profile image

      The Examiner-1 3 years ago

      I found these to be very interesting and they sound useful for both the inside and outside. Since currently I am renting I will keep them in mind for the inside. I voted this up, shared and pinned it.