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Home: Decorating Your Outdoor Space

Updated on March 10, 2013

Decorating Outdoors

The best space I've decorated outdoors is a spot that I created just for nude sunbathing.

Decorating a small outdoor space is as important as decorating inside. When the weather starts cooperating with our plans to be outside, our thoughts turn to patios, decks, gazebos, balconies, and porches. It natural to want to sit down outside when it's nice. So creating a special space outside, that you can sit in and lay around in too, should take a top spot on your "to-do" list.

To get started you can try drawing a little picture of the area and what you'd like in it. It doesn't have to be perfect. You just want to include a little spot for each of the things you'll be doing in this space. Next, get a decent sized cork board, stick pins, and hot glue. What you want to put on this board is a little bit of everything that's going into the space. Find pictures of furniture you like and put them on the design board. At kitchen improvement stores you'll find little squares of different wood, slate, and other surfaces you might like to use. Go to the fabric store and get swatches of the colors and patterns that suit your taste.Put those on the board. If you're going to be adding anything to the floor of the space, get samples of carpet and tiles and glue them on too. To get a real idea of what your space is going to look like, make sure to get paint samples from the hardware store for your board also.

If there's an area for any type of sculptures, or art work of any kind, again get pictures and add them. When using plants, get silk leaves to place in all of the areas you'll have real plants. Do the same with flowers you like. Again use the paint sample colors to attach near any thing on the board that's a certain color. Feel the design of the space with the color and texture, and pattern you've got on your board.

When it comes to purchasing the items you need for your new space, it's best to buy the most expensive items first. Then you can work from those colors and patterns.So the chairs, chaise lounge, tables, and little stands come first. From there you can choose your flooring and any wall or fence color.

To accessorize the area, pillows, vases, planters, sculptures, art, and plants and flowers will do the trick.When working with color in any case you might try your favorite, and then use a shade or two lighter, and an accent color as well. Accessories are a great way to add the color you need to complete your space.

The only thing we haven't touched upon yet is the theme of your space. This is important to keep in mind from the very start of the project. Do you want an African jungle theme, a totally modern, a romantic, a tropical, a sporty, or a nautical look.Scout the web and your favorite magazines for different themes for your outdoor space design.


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    • lisasuniquevoice profile image

      Lisa Brown 5 years ago from Michigan


      For a long time I didn't realize that it was appropriate to leave responses to comments. So, I'm leaving one now. Thank you very much for reading. Now that I've been in this hub again I'm going to give my outdoor space a little TLC again. It needs it.


    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for this reminder that the beautiful outdoor area doesn't just happen. I need to apply this to balcony outside my bedroom; that will encourage me to spend more time enjoying it.