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Hot Bedroom Summer Decorating Using Art

Updated on January 9, 2015


August was named after Augustus, the first Roman Emperor. He was a successful ruler who brought peace and stability to the Roman empire -- although by his abolishing of the republic he might have planted the seeds of Rome's demise. Similarly to other busts of that period, his appears preoccupied, moody and deep in thought.

He looks hard and rugged. I find this feature admirable; compare him to modern politicians -- all smiling, with sparkling eyes -- the Roman guys get all the points on seriousness and gravity. I wouldn't purchase a bust of Augustus without doing extensive research on the man. That just wouldn't be fair to his legacy.


Let's move on to the second astrological sign in August, the Virgo. There are many famous virgins and maids in both Christian and Pagan traditions, but Mary and Diana undoubtedly top the respective lists. In many ways, the two are complete opposites.

Diana was a fearsome warrior who despised men, particularly suitors, and spent her time hunting and running around in forests (half-naked, according to some accounts), taming wild animals. She was a willful lady prone to violent outbursts, but also a protector of slaves. She was a goddess -- and perhaps that word is enough of a description. Despite her chastity, she also symbolized fertility.


Mary was a very different character. Apparently she was pious, a loving mother and the ideal Christian woman. The mother of Jesus is much closer to us culturally, as millions continue to worship her and marvel at the works of art created by Renaissance artists, especially Raphael. Mary and baby Jesus were his area of expertise -- he painted many Madonnas in various settings, with various additional actors, such as John the Baptist. His Maries conquer by their humanity and humility, two characteristics that only the greatest of painters could interweave believably. Madonna of the Meadows, depicting a landscape in the background, and the Sistine Madonna, illustrating the burial of Pope Julius II are among his best known works.


Let's conclude the summer with some August landscapes by Helmut Glassl and Shanna Kunz. I picked these two prints because they show the signs of seasonal decline. Autumn is closing in, and the greens give way to browns, and pale reddish tones. These landscapes show tiredness and overabundance, as if nature is fed up with itself and wants some change -- they generate a sense of anticipation. I already suggested that green can be a difficult color... these pictures are no exception.


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