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Australian carpet dyeing coloring info research tips dye dying plus

Updated on December 18, 2016

Before after Plum dye

A Plum dye applied to repair red cordial stains in the year 2000 at Nerang on the Gold coast
A Plum dye applied to repair red cordial stains in the year 2000 at Nerang on the Gold coast

Australian carpet dyeing & coloring industry info research tips

Regularly we get all sorts of questions about carpet dyeing from all sorts of people across the world. This is probably as we are one of the world leaders in carpet and fabric colouring and dye research and application. We are proud to have actually tested all of the carpet dye systems in Australia available prior to and since 1980. We use this information along with our family heritage of over 400 years in the industry, to help supply you the best possible outcome for your job.

A few words of caution based on our many years of research in the Australian carpet dyeing & coloring industry.


Carpet dyes are not really items that should be bought from anyone other than the manufacturer. To our knowledge we are the only manufacturer of solutions and dyes in Australia to cover your entire furnishings. With our dyeing or colour restoration system you can re colour your vertical blinds, furniture, carpets, rugs, including car carpets without a problem if tested correctly.


Whilst there are now quite a few carpet dyeing or recolouring businesses in Australia, we are only 1 of a couple of colour restoration specialists. And you know the saying there are always a few bad apples, with carpet recolouring dyeing is no exception. We know of at least (3) three businesses hiding behind bogus addresses and or bogus names or business names. We list our postal address for our business below which you are free to send mail or verify.

Unfortunately due to our workload we cannot always answer each individual questions or as quick as you would like. This is why we have since 1998 managed to distribute plenty of valuable information around the internet which answers most of your questions with our carpet dyeing & coloring info, research tips based on Australian conditions which are very similar to some other parts of the world such as Florida in the USA.

Here are a few of the actual questions we get below, we hope they can help you. But before that some fine print you should read.

All work is copyright (c) The AUSIS Group (c) 1990 - 2008 Used under licence All rights reserved. Any mention of trademarks, proprietary information or logos hereon are owned by the respective copyright holders. This page is for information, educational purposes. The creator makes no claim to any of the content except for that as owned outright and the styles applied.

We at make no claim to be any of the other businesses if so listed.

Copyright Notice Terms and conditions governing the use of this site can be found at Terms Of Site which are governed by the court system, laws of Australia in the state of Queensland.

Colour restoration

Colour restoration Carpet Cleaning before a recolor or dye is applied
Colour restoration Carpet Cleaning before a recolor or dye is applied

Carpet dye colouring Questions and Answers

Question Date 5 September 2008 10:21:
subject Re: carpet dye for my car..
From Greg in Ireland

Hi I am in ireland and recently I bought BLACK CARPET DYE FOR CAR VALETING CLEANING RESTORING from a company called ridleys on ebay, I applied the dye to the carpet however even after a week if you rub it comes of on your hand, can I buy a product to fix this and a better dye or can you advise me any help much appreciated the company where I bought will not reply,
Thanks look forward to your reply. Greg

Answer Date 5 September 2008 16:19:
subject Re: carpet dye for my car..

Hi Greg, Yes you can buy a carpet dye for cars though unfortunately we only sell it in Australia due to current international postage laws.
Chances are the carpet dye you bought would for for a nylon or wool carpet, most car carpets are either acrylic or now days polypropylene.
One of the main reasons why it is coming off on your hands clothes etc is because the dye has not been supplied with the correct fixation agent.
My only suggestion that I can think of for you to solve the current problem you have is to rinse the carpet thoroughly and extract it dry.
Hope this helps.
Regards TJ Short
For The Team at The Ausis group

Reply Date 5 September 2008 21:23:
subject Re: carpet dye for my car..

Hi. Thanks for your advice. Greg

Question Date 19 March 2008 00:14
subject Re: Carpet Dye
From Rowan in Malta

Hi I am writing to you from Malta, do you have an agent for your dye's in Europe?
I need to dye a carpet area of about 200 sqm. It is currently black with coloured dashes and I would like to turn it all black. I will do the job myself, the carpet is in a low light environment so I'm not too concerned if the job isn't perfect, also being black I guess I won't have to be too worried about shades. Kindly let me know how much dye would be required for the job, and how much it would cost + shipping to Malta. If you have a nearer agent kindly forward their contact.
Thanks & Regards Rowan

Answer Date 19 March 2008 08:27
subject Re: Carpet Dye

Hi Rowan Thank you for your question in relation to our carpet dyes.
There are a couple of problems that exist with this situation. The carpet will more than likely no be dyeable by conventional methods due to the type of carpet. We can dye polyproelene though only in Australia due to restrictions in transit with regard to flammable goods.
However depending on where the carpet is located and what it is used for depends on what methods you could do yourself.
At the moment we have no sales people in your area but we are looking so if you here of anyone we would be grateful if you gave them our email.
Regards TJ Short
For The Team at The Ausis group

Reply Date 19 March 2008 19:59
subject Re: Carpet Dye

Hi TJ and thank you for your mail.
I think the carpet is 80 % wool 20 % synthetic (what I'm not sure) and it is the carpet of a fairly dark nightclub. When you say it wont be dyeable by conventional methods do you mean normal fabric dyes? I have attached a photo of the carpet in case it may give you an indication of its composition. What type of dye should I be looking for for in this kind of application, since I may find companies that use it for other purposes? Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated since it's a fairly large area to replace.
Many thanks Rowan

Question Date 11 May 2007 17:00
subject Re: Carpet Dye
From Orlagh Corvan in Australia

Hi There, I am interested in getting a quote to dye my carpets.
Do you have someone you can refer me to in Melbourne (specifically Carrum Downs 3201)
I am looking at dying:
1 family room
1 living room
3 bedrooms
Thanks in Advance Orlagh

Reply Date 11 May 2007 18:13
subject Re: Carpet Dye
From Orlagh Corvan in Australia

Hi, We would love to help you out but we do not currently have any operators in your area though we can offer you advice such as listed on the links below. The only place we have high regard for is Revive carpet dyeing however we recommend you check the below links prior to contacting them as many companies will not give you all the facts.

# Carpet Dyes Info
# More Carpet Dye Info
# Dyes and License Info
# colour restoration specialist
# Dye Facts
# Restoration Info
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further info or products.
We have enclosed below a price guide which is pretty much an industry standard for your perusal.
Colouring dyeing starts from $180 minimum $120 for rugs above this figure $10 to $18 a metre square dependant on the work involved however unless serious damage is involved the average is $10 per m2. Listed below is the average sizing of the average houses we come across, the figures shown below are for illustrative purposes to give a rough quote / guide on what you can expect to pay. If your carpet is one of the slow dyeing types a non standard colour or need 2 dye coats expect to pay $15 per metre this is what we discover in the consult which is why it is important to have one.
* Average Lounge room is 15 to 30 metre square = $150 - $300
* Average Dining room is 10 to 20 metre square = $100 - $200
* Average Lounge-Dining room is 27 to 40 metre square = $270 - $400
* Average Family / Rumpus room is 20 to 40 metre square = $200 - $400
* Average Study / media room is 12 to 20 metre square = $120 - $200
* Average Hallway is 8 to 15 metre square = $80 - $150
* Average Bedroom is 9 to 12 metre square = $90 - $120
* Average Master Bed room is 12 to 20 metre square = $120 - $200
* Average Stairs is classed 13 to 20 metre square = steps approximate = $130 - $200
* EXAMPLE: The price you will pay for an average Home consisting of a Lounge-Dining Master bedroom and two standard bedrooms and Hallway is approximately $750 + consult of $90 =$840 - $45 deposit = $795.
TJ Short
For The Team at The Ausis group

Question Date 23 February 2007 09:22
subject Re: dyeing synthetic material
From Desiree Jones in Australia

Hi just wondering if you can recommend how I might redye the material on a synthetic horse saddle which was black and has faded from weather exposure. We need to not come off on clothing etc when damp or dry. Any help or suggestions would be fantastic. The manufacturer was not helpful.
Cheers Desiree

Answer Date 23 February 2007 12:05
subject Re: dyeing synthetic material

Hi Desiree. If you send some information such as is the item Nylon Polyester or polypropylene etc and a picture we may be able to figure out which solution is best to offer you. This is due to the fact we have a number of different dyes for different materials and different methods of application.
We look forward to your custom, reply and hope we as a team or one of our many solutions may be of assistance to you.
Regards TJ Short
For The Team at The Ausis group

Question Date 19 February 2007 22:47
subject Re: Carpet Dye
From Cheryl Powell in Australia

Hi i am interested in buying a do it yourself carpet dye kit. However, on the ordering page it states that the kit is $50 and when I went to check out the price was $120. Can you explain that to me.
Will I send you a photo of the carpet as Iread so that you can send me the right colour. How many times will I be able to use the kit? Will it only be able to be used on the one colour carpet?
Cheryl Powell

Reply Date 20 February 2007 07:33
subject Re: Carpet Dye

Hi Please accept our apologies for the ommission on the page which has now been corrected. This happened due to the fact it was over 1900 lines down the code / page when transfering from our 1998 site.
If your worried about security or do not wish the hassle of going through the ordering system on the site you can call us with your details to place your order.
I believe the below should answer your questions in your email if not please reply ALSO yes include the photo please. Included is a link to one of our helpful dye info pages you may wish to peruse.
Carpet dye Kits
With our standard dye kits below you have a choice of dyeing Nylon and wool and getting us to perform a colour consult if your on the Gold Coast which can be ordered here or FREE by posting a sample to us at Po Box 3273 Helensvale TC QLD 4212. ALSO YOU WILL NEED TO supply a sample of the colour you wish to go in an email. Please also indicate whether you wish to change the colour or stay the same. Dependant on this decision depends on if you will get 1 colour or more.
Either way please ensure you read our helpful dye pages which are a great source of info for anyone wishing to dye especially their own objects.
Carpet dye Kits
Range over 50 colours. Repair those pesky bleach marks or a new colour or damage from fading easily with our system developed with over 50 years experience. Kits available from household will cover 120 to 360 approximate square metres $50 4 x 300 ml bottles. Commercial will cover 300 to 900 approximate square metres 3 x 1 litres $160. Kits include penatrator the same amount e.g.. 1 litre and 300 ml.
YOU WILL need to check for dye ability by sending us a sample of your carpet 1 - 2 inch square is fine.
If you have any bleach marks to fix please order the BLEACH NEUTRALISER below.
Regards TJ Short
For The Team at The Ausis group


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    • profile image

      Meg Anklesaria 

      2 years ago

      How can I stop the dye from a hand woven & hand dyed carpet "bleeding" onto the cream carpet below? Thanks Meg

    • ausis profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Australia

      Providing the bleach marks are no bigger than your hand it should be easy enough to match.

      We need to perform a test & colour consult to match it so posting a sample to us at Po Box 3273 Helensvale TC QLD 4212 would be best, then we can discuss further what needs to be done.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      hi, i have some white stains from using mould remover , would like to try and fix these spots myself as i am renting the property , if this is possible how would i match the colour of the carpet ? and how much would this cost ? please help thanks

    • ausis profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Australia


      Sorry for the late reply. Because of your smart choice & the fact we are colour restoration experts, we are pretty sure we will together be able to solve your problem.

      Based on our experience, if the carpet bleached, there is about a 85-98% chance it will re dye. Specially the colours you mention. Depending on the type of stains they may able to hidden.




      FIRST we need to determine what the exact problem is so here is a COUPLE OF simple tests you can do.


      What you need to do is get ONLY 1 tablespoon of laundry liquid & mix it into a half to 1 litre of water.


      Grab a light colour or white cloth for drying and soaking up the solution with and a trigger sprayer put some of the mix you just made, into it.


      AS A TEST Spray this solution on a few of the affected areas allowing a minute or 2 to dissolve the mark. Then pat dry allowing the solution to soak up into the cloth. Repeat this step twice.

      LAST STEP: If needed. (FOR BROWNING)

      If the stain is gone and in a few days to few months seem to return it is either one of the following. Some carpets, show up with what is known as browning. This is usually the colour of either the backing or the dirt stuck under the carpet or from sticky residues. Either can usually be fixed by sprayiing the following solution on those affected areas:

      Put 100ml vinegar in a 500ml trigger sprayer top up with water spray this solution on the affected areas, blot any excess, allow to dry.

      You should by now have no stain left or only a possibly a light mark. If the stain is still there wait a day or so then repeat the above steps with the leftover solution.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      hi we have a dining room and study we would like to dye if possible, the carpet is nylon , i think, its pink in colour but has a lot of very bad stains, some are black, these marks all disappear when the carpet is cleaned but for some reason they come back after a few months, do you think this could be dyed in maybe a dark brown or maroon ?

      regards vivien


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