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Why Choose an Automatic Soap Dispenser?

Updated on August 17, 2010

An automatic soap dispenser is a great item for your bathroom either at home or at work to make your life easier. Traditional bar soap can quickly get soggy and messy and using liquid soaps is much easier, more hygienic and reduces the cleaning that your bathroom sink needs. Automatic soap dispensers add an extra level of convenience and hygiene by sensing when your hand is under the unit and dispensing the soap without you needing to press anything.

An automatic soap dispenser is a particularly useful item in communal bathrooms in places like offices, gyms, hospitals and so on which many people are using. As it eliminates the need to touch anything before your hands are washed, it ensures the highest level of hygiene to avoid the transfer of germs onto the taps and the soap dispenser itself.

A soap automatic dispenser can come in many different forms. They may be wall mounted or fitted to the sink or counter top. They are most commonly filled with liquid soap but powdered soap can also be used and an automatic foam soap dispenser is also available to buy. Foam soap is preferred by many people as it cleans well and does not need to be lathered before use.

The reservoir that holds the soap in an automatic hand soap dispenser may be of many different sizes to suit the location and purpose of the dispenser. The larger the reservoir, the less often it will need to be refilled. Automatic soap dispensers with a small reservoir are best suited for use in the home. Public bathrooms tend to use bulk or tank type chambers which can hold a lot of soap and do not need to be constantly refilled. It is also possible to buy cartridge type chambers where the whole unit is replaced when the soap is finished for easy and quick refills.

How Does an Automatic Soap Dispenser Work?

A wall mounted automatic soap dispenser will typically run from batteries but can also be wired into the main electricity supply. The sensor is usually infra red to detect motion so that it will dispense the soap when the user waves their hands under the device. An alternative to a dispenser of this type that does also not require touching the device to dispense the soap is a foot operated soap dispenser, common in hospitals and doctors’ offices.

An automatic liquid soap dispenser can usually be filled with whatever kind of soap you prefer in your home. You may want to use one next to your kitchen sink filled with dishwashing liquid to make washing up easier. Dispensers may dispense a fixed amount of soap each time or some models allow you to adjust the amount using controls on the unit.

Many people like the look of a stainless steel automatic soap dispenser which looks good in any bathroom and is resistant to dirt and stains. Other models may be made from plastic which is often a cheaper alternative and chosen when the look of the unit is less important.

As well as soap, you may also like to use an automatic soap dispenser filled with lotion or hand sanitizer for your particular requirements. Nearly any liquid can be used in one of these dispensers unless specified otherwise in the manufacturer’s operating instructions.

Automatic soap dispensers are now very affordable and are being increasingly used for home use as well as in public bathrooms where they have been used for many years. By using an automatic soap dispenser you are ensuring maximum hygiene and minimum transfer of germs and they can be placed next to any sink or anywhere you would normally wash your hands.


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    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 7 years ago from Minnesota

      Oh what a wonderful idea for a hub. This is so critical with all the germs that are passed around. I always appreciate restaurants or homes that offer the auto dispense. Great hub!