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Autumn Seasonal Bedroom Decoration Using Wall Art

Updated on January 10, 2015

Arcimboldo Autumn

Arcimboldo's symbolical portrait of Autumn includes nuts, berries, grapes and many fallen leaves that remind of the seasonal leaf fall. The black background accentuates the rich browns and wine reds. This color combination, which reappears in the artist's other portraits, creates a warm, homey feeling of comfort and prosperity. The cask refers to a storeroom or a cellar where farmers keep their produce -- a place packed with delicious things. This portrait is not pretty in a conventional way: it's beauty lies in the vitamins and the good, healthy products. A meaningful spot to hang such a print would be near the refrigerator, the modern storeroom we use today. It will also nicely offset the customary white of the appliance.

Autumn Leaves

The autumn fall of leaves is paradoxical in that the hottest red colors accompany the onset of a cold season. Maybe nature intended to balance one with the other, but I think that it simply fools around and is being ironic for a short period. There are countless color variations and gradations, depending on the kinds of trees, on the geographical location, and the point in time. To those who live in the northern hemisphere and experience real cold, there is no need to say how beautiful these autumn visions can be. Fallen leaves are used by children too -- make a huge pile out of them and then jump right in it. My best childhood memories involve such piles of leaves.

Abstract Autumn

The colors of autumn often mix in incomprehensible combinations that erase the clear lines and shapes of the trees and the foliage. This is why abstract art suits the season so perfectly. The difference is that nature pictures this palette "naturally," whereas artists recreate it artificially, using brushes and paint. But they still borrow their ideas from the outdoors -- and eventually strive to depict what they see, only from the mind's eye perspective. Whether you prefer the figurative or the abstract decoration depends solely on you personal taste. I like abstract because I don't understand it. I know many folks who hate it for the exact same reason.

Classic Landscapes

I would like to conclude with some classic landscapes by Poussin and Rubens, whose classicist and baroque compositions instill serenity and provide counterpoint to the busy artwork shown above. There are still many greens in these paintings -- but the yellows and the oranges are encroaching. Both artists capture the spirit of autumn without really revealing the season itself, at least not yet in colors. Instead, they define the space in such ways as to hint at future desolation and withering. These are unique, inspiring representations that carry and convey the spirit of fall.


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