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Avoid Floor Cleaning Costs when Decorating

Updated on January 12, 2015

We just love to improve our homes

Ever since our Neanderthal ancestors started painting images on their cave walls over 40000 years ago we have developed an ever increasing appetite for introducing color and design into our homes.

It may well have began with some very basic stencils made by hand prints as found in the El Castillo cave in Spain, but the desire to decorate our habitats has developed and today its not uncommon for every surface of our homes to be covered in paints and papers.

Don't turn your D.I.Y project into a D.I.Y disaster

Be careful and don't let your enthusiasm to get started overrule basic common sense. Its easy to make the mistake of getting the paint on the walls before you have covered and protected surrounding surfaces. Only then to realize that you have also got it all over the floors.

Test Your Knowlage

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Getting Started

After trailing through an endless amount of home magazines and color charts you finally make a decision on your choice of color and design.

At this point paying close attention to the protection of your floor surfaces is very important if you wish to avoid costly floor cleaning bills or worse.

There are a variety of protective sheets readily available from Online suppliers or D.I.Y stores

Check List

1) Purchase floor protection with other materials

2) Check floor protection is suitable for use on the floor surface

3) Avoid using adhesive backed floor protector on polished or oiled surfaces.

4) Make sure surfaces are protected and edges sealed with low tack masking tape .

( It can cause an issue later if they are not)

Decoration Project Spoils Unprotected Floor

Avoid mess like this when decorating

This may seem like an extreme example of inadequacy, but the people who decorated this kitchen/diner were horrified with the mess they left when they removed the loose cotton dust sheets that they had used for floor protection.

The loose cotton dust sheets were just not up to the job of protecting this oiled Oak floor. The fine dusts created during the preparation and sanding of plaster and painted walls penetrated the thin dust sheets and got underneath because the sheets were not sealed to the floor and continually became displaced.

Specailist wood floor cleaning was required to correct the mistake made in this particular DIY disaster

Wood Floor Cleaning Restoration


Important Tip - Be Prepared

Preparation is everything if you intend to have a beautifully finished home. Avoid skimping on time and resources at the beginning and the results will be worth the extra effort

It requires planning at the beginning of the job to ensure all goes smoothly.

When reaching the end of the project, it then becomes apparent that your time, money and effort were well spent.

Wood Floor Damaged by Sticky Floor Film

Check the product is suitable for floor surface

In these photographs you can see the surface damage to this Parquet floor was unwittingly caused by use of the wrong type of protective product.

A high adhesive covering more suited to carpet protection was used to protect this wood floor and when removed, it stripped off part of the wood's lacquered finish from the surface.

Sticky Floor Film Removes Lacquer Finsh

Unbelievable D.I.Y Disaster

Another example below of avoidable damage to this bathroom slate floor, due to a lack of adequate floor protection when tiling a bathroom.

For a small sum of money, roughly the cost of one single sheet of Correx floor protection. This slate bathroom floor could have been spared from the resulting mess that arose from new wall tiling.

The costs incurred for the slate floor restoration cleaning were around one hundred times that of the initial cost that would have allowed adequate protection on the floor at the start of the work.

Slate Floor Ruined By Careless Construction


Enjoying The Finished Product

When your decoration or re-finishing project finally comes to an end there is usually some level of surface cleaning required before the place really feels perfect.

By initially taking care and protecting your floor surface this should be a relatively simple task involving light, non mechanical floor cleaning to remove light dusts.

When you weigh up the costs involved in the overall project a small amount spent in protecting floor surfaces can save you all the stress and heartache that was endured by the home owners of the properties highlighted in the photographs.

Floor Protection Materials

Correx is a fluted polypropylene sheet or roll for multi surface impact protection.Available in various grades and thickness

Protecta Fleece™ is a waterproof, impact resistant 'roll out' protection designed to protect various floors, worktops and sanitary ware.

Protecta Carpet™ is a self-adhesive carpet protector film which provides waterproof barrier to protect from spills and dirt etc.


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