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Avoid the Pitfalls of Buying a Round Kitchen Table Online

Updated on June 7, 2010

The Internet is full of bargains and wholesale priced merchandise that you can’t find in a retail store and that goes doubly so for furniture like round kitchen table and chair sets. Furniture is a hot commodity on the internet because not only can you find used and antique pieces on auction sites and classified listings but you can also find discount websites selling large sets at wholesale prices.

Even though these massive sales and discounts look great on the outside you should be careful before you buy any furniture online. There are a few pitfalls and traps that shady furniture sellers like to employ that can sucker you into paying more than you originally bargained for. Depending on the image shown online you may not be able to tell the quality. You may find that once your table is delivered and assembled that it doesn't quite look like what you were expecting. You could find that the craftsmanship is of a lower quality than you expected. You may even find that certain aesthetic design details are different or substandard. One way that you can assure that you are dealing with a reputable online vendor is to look for some of the many different logos from consumer protection organizations. If a merchant has been approved any of these services it will be displayed prominently on the merchant's site.

One of the major concerns when shopping for a round kitchen table online has got to be the added shipping costs. Sure you are getting a fantastic deal on the piece itself but take a look at your receipt in the checkout page. You are most likely going to incur a couple different fees: shipping and handling, assembly, insurance, and warrantee. These costs can get so outrageously inflated that without knowing it you can spend more than you would at the furniture outlet down the street. So before purchasing online enquire about any additional fees. If you are trying to compare prices between an online vendor and a local store make sure you ask them both about any additional charges.

Before you buy any furniture online, particularly in the case of tables and chairs, you need to make sure they are going to fit in the space provided. A good idea suggested by Round Kitchen Table Ideas is bust out that measuring tape and take measurements of your available space before you even start looking at tables on the web. Make sure your measurements include adequate space to account for the people who will be seated at your table. Each person should have enough room to comfortably get in and out of their chairs. When you know the measurements of the table you want you can more accurately make purchases and ensure that you don’t get a table that is too small or too big for your kitchen.


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    • 4FoodSafety profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 7 years ago from Fontana, WI

      Round tables are more expensive to ship and more expensive to house - not all rooms work well for round tables. All of my tables are round and when I moved - I found out the hard way - just a word of caution. Measure, measure and remeasure.