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Black Mold in My Attic, Can I get Sick? | Mold Removal Rochester Ny

Updated on April 5, 2015

Attic Mold Removal Rochester NY


Mold Removal Rochester NY

I get these questions all the time.....the black mold is in my attic, will it make me sick? Do I even need to deal with it? What if I ignore it?

Simple answer: Mold is a living organism, if left alone, it will continue to grow causing further dangers to ones health and damages to the surface in which it feeds.

There are many other factors to consider as well with Attic Mold Removal in Rochester NY, such as the damages it is causing to my roof deck, what if I go to sell my home and it has mold, why is it there in the first place, and so on......

So if you haven't already - POP YOUR HEAD INTO YOUR ATTIC AND TAKE A LOOK!

Some key tips into solving your Attic Mold Removal in Rochester NY:

A) Get to the source, mold needs moisture to grow, why do you have moisture in your attic?

B) Check for proper ventilation of your attic and especially the bathroom vent fans.

C) Check for heat loss and proper insulation.

D) Check for roof leaks and direct water stains.

E) Test your woods moisture content and the attics humidity levels.

F) Consult with a professional Mold and Building Performance Inspector.

Attic Inspection for Mold?

When was the last time you looked in your attic?

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