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Reasons You Should Buy A Bonzai Tree

Updated on June 1, 2016


Hello! If you're reading this article, it's likely because you either

  • Realized that I spelled "Bonsai" wrong, and felt the need to correct me
  • You have always wanted a Bonsai tree, and are excited to see someone else shares your interest in such an awesome little thing.
  • You've heard of Bonzai before but aren't sure how you feel about them

Well if you're here for any of those reasons, you've come to the right place!

Bonsai Tree


What's A Bonzai Tree?

Sometimes confused with a Dwarfed tree, a Bonzai tree is a miniature version of a fully grown and developed tree (Example to the right).

Unlike Dwarfed trees, however, Bonzai trees are created through the art of Bonzai. Artists dedicate large sums of time and work into creating these trees as a form of art, and are rewarded greatly by the elegant and unusual miniature tree they've created.

On the other hand, Dwarfed trees are not made, but rather are an entire subspecies of a certain type of tree. So basically, Bonzai trees are created, and dwarfed trees are not.

Created By artists
Created by natural Process or Scientists
Form of Art
Creation of a Subspecies
You want one
You Want a Bonzai tree instead

"Bonzai" vs "Bonsai"

For those of you who are wondering why I'm still continuing the use of the intentionally mispelled word "Bonzai", the answer is simple. There are actually over 4,000 individuals that spell this word incorrectly every month, and due so since the s in "Bonsai" sounds very similar to z. Which causes the assumption that Bonsai is actually spelled "Bonzai", which we all know isn't the case.

On a second note, anyone who is reading this which assumed that Bonsai was spelled with a z as opposed to an s, now knows otherwise. So I feel as though I'm providing a service to anyone who had not known otherwise.

Since I've already started with it though, I suppose I'll just continue to write this hub with the intentional mispelling of the word, and save it as a question for anyone that feels like taking a little quiz at the end of this hub.

Why Would You Want A Bonzai?

Bonzai trees are one of the most unique works of art that you'll ever see, and your guests will make it the topic of conversation.

When's the last time you went into someone's home to find an amazing miniature little tree sitting on a desk or display table? Never, i'm assuming, since not many people even realize how affordable these little trees are.

Not only will it add to the beauty of your home, but having plants inside increases the quality of the air your breathing. This is due to the photosynthetic cycle that all plants go through, in which their waste product is actually fresh oxygen for your lungs!

As if all of that wasn't enough, Bonzai trees are very easy to take care of once they are fully developed, and won't need the excessive attention that most home gardens require.

So with all of that in mind, there's almost no reason NOT to get a Bonzai tree. And there's two different ways to go about getting one.

Why do YOU want a Bonzai Tree?

See results

Creating A Bonzai Tree

If you'd like to test your artistic skills, you can try to make your own Bonzai tree. The process is a tedious one, but if you do it right, it definitely pays off in the end.

This video is a basic overview on how to create a bonsai tree of your own. It's recommended that you do not try to grow a bonsai from seed, The reason for this is so you're not waiting years upon years just to get to a point where you can start shaping the tree in way that you want.

Instead, start with an already growing tree to turn into a Bonzai tree, and do some extra research on even more ways to create your tree exactly how you want it.

Buying A Bonzai Tree

Although many individuals like to see the product of their hard work in making a Bonzai tree, purchasing one is a much simpler and quicker alternative.

Many people tend to think that buying a Bonzai tree is expensive, but this is far from true. You can purchase Bonzai trees all over the internet for mere pocket change, and still have an amazing little tree growing in your home in less time than it takes to save 15% or more on care insurance... ok, well you'll have to wait until it's shipped to you, but once it's there, all that's left is to care for it!

Suggested Reading

There is unlimited sources of information on the Bonzai Tree, but here's a few that you might like.


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    • lmoyer92 profile image

      Leon Moyer 3 years ago

      I think buying one is a good option. It's great to have something you've worked for, but sometimes it's just too time consuming. I'm glad you liked the hub! :)

    • csmiravite-blogs profile image

      Consolacion Miravite 3 years ago from Philippines

      I have always wanted to have a bonsai tree but I am too lazy to do the winding and the bending. I might end up just buying one. Nice article!

    • lmoyer92 profile image

      Leon Moyer 3 years ago

      You do need a tiny tree on your desk! And they're so inexpensive if you buy from the right places. I haven't made one on my own yet, but i'm hoping to sometime in the near future.

    • BNadyn profile image

      Bernadyn 3 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida

      I'm trying to get more plants in our house and completely forgot about Bonsai trees - so this was perfect timing to come across your hub. They really are attractive to own ...and I realized I do need a tiny tree sitting on my desk!

    • sehrm profile image

      sehrm 3 years ago from Los Angeles


    • lmoyer92 profile image

      Leon Moyer 3 years ago

      Haha, I have no idea how I didn't realize the video wasn't successfully posted. Thank you for mentioning this!

    • DrMark1961 profile image

      Dr Mark 3 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

      What video?