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BPA Free Ice Cube Trays

Updated on December 13, 2013

Ice cube trays seem to be fairly straight forward and should be very easy to buy, but you need to realize this is not always the case. In fact, a lot of times you will find all the different ice cube trays you can buy makes it very hard to determine which of the trays you need to buy. This is when I decided to share what you need to use ice cube trays that are BPA free. If you find some of them that are not BPA free, than you can easily count on one hand the harm you could be causing to yourself.

Okay, so you have probably seen the FDA does say BPA is safe for anyone to use. However, I personally know for me I do not like using BPA because it is a chemical. I mean seriously if the good Lord wanted us to have the item in our body he would have made it, not relied on another man to find it. I mean what else have we seen that has been ruled safe only to come out later that it is horrible for people and can cause massive health issues later on in life. I know for me just the doubt which has been sown over the mistakes which were made in the past has made up my mind that the chemicals are probably not as safe as what people think.

Now that I have that part out, I will tell you another reason to avoid the BPA ice cube trays. Denmark, in May of 09 decided to ban BPA in the baby bottles. Yes, these are the same bottles which a lot of parents use and I noticed recently a lot of the US baby bottle makers are following course with this. So this should tell you that the Europeans, even though the European Union, said the chemical is safe if the instructions are followed. However, who keeps the instructions for how to care for an ice cube tray and what kind of information would you think you get with an ice cube tray? The last one I bought did not even have instructions, instead it relied on my common sense to take care of the tray. So I relied on the instructions my mom gave me of washing the tray, filling with water and freezing. This makes me wonder what instructions am I supposed to look for when they are not coming with any!

Ice cube trays one of the easiest things for us all to use, but it is something that we use on an almost daily basis. You have ice cube trays full of ice to cool your drinks off in the middle of the day, but also for the booboos you can when you fall down. I know for me, I have decided to be very selective about the ice cube trays that I buy. Hopefully you will find the information you are getting here to help you know why you should get only the BPA free ice cube trays now, rather than buying the traditional trays we all grew up with.

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