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Updated on June 6, 2012

Lighten up

Simplicity can be maintained by introducing various light fixtures into your individual rooms to obtain warm undertones or play up the colors with brighter hues in fabrics and patterns. Whether you enjoy traditional looks or the more modern touches of design, either one can be achieved easily and economically. Table lamps, floor lamps, metal or simulated wood, or even crystal combinations with either one of these is readily available for your choosing. Dark or light colors can be found in either metal or wood simulations.

Matching table lamps may be more your style but pairing them with different designs can put more modern touches to any room or alcove. Reading lights with adjustable swivel fixtures can liven up an alcove to make reading much easier and pleasant. Different styles of lampshades can be interchanged as long as the attachments accept the lamps that are being fitted. Bright simulated metals can help a room or alcove, that is otherwise dark and dull, have a more balanced lighting effect. Warm colors may offer an inviting space with a more homey atmosphere. Touches of color will serve to brighten a space and make a room or setting be inviting to a visitors eye as well as your own

The decision of where to place a floor lamp is dependent upon where you need lighting in a space that has no table to sit a lamp on. Even with that, there are floor lamps that have small tables attatched on the lamp post with them that are very attractive and can add style to an area as a nightstand or as a table and lamp in a little nook you may use for your reading. For those who have sensitivity to bright over head lights, lamps may be used instead by adding a softer glow. Using bulbs with the dimming feature will also allow you to adjust a lamp with the dimming feature in it's switches. There are also colored bulbs that can be used to obtain softer effects.

Using the vision of what you may want for your space and knowing how you want it to look can be achieved with adding colors that you like. As with anything, your eyes are the best partner in choosing what would look pleasant for you to live in that space. Various fabrics can be used as well to brighten up a space. Patterns of floral or stripes or plaids are readily available to be used in either throw pillows or coverlets or even in making slipcovers for either a sofa or armchair that might need dressing up, by those who know how to sew. For those of us who do not sew, there are many economical shops where these items may be found and purchased.

Solids, as well, can offer added decorative tones to your space by brightening up the area with fresh colors of pastel or even bolder brights added to your existing color schemes in coordinating tones. Summer time may bring on the desire for pastel fabrics that encourage the light from the outside to come into your home. Wispy and billowy fabrics can allow air to flow through an open window when the fabric is used for curtains and can make a cooler setting for your home. Heavy draperies and dark colors may cause a space to feel stifling or closed in and be much more hard to light. Spring and summer are the seasons with more light filtering in our spaces through the day, so, fresh and bright airy colors will help to capture that season's light.

Large or small area rugs are another useful item that can add fresh colors to a space with either floral, oriental, plaids, stripes, or solids that can be coordinated with an existing decor. Try to always incorporate the main color you have chosen for the dominate color in each fabric choice to make either pattern of fabric blend with the other. A bold patterned rug can overpower an area by playing down the other patterns in the same space. Too much of the same bright schemes tend to be overruling to each articles pattern.

Different fabric patterns may be used in the same decor with choosing a main color and incorporating that color into the other fabric choices that you want to use. Keep in mind the same scale of color codes may offer a more muted balance no matter what pattern of fabric you choose to put side by side in the same space. Try only using three different fabric patterns in the room or space to make a less busy visual scale. Different patterns can add interest but too many may tend to look overly busy and lessen the desired effect. Mixing the patterns through out the area will make a definite blend of colors and patterns become an inviting area. Floral mixed with plaids and stripes can be done by choosing a main color and making that color the choice for each individual patterned fabric. Throw pillows with a floral pattern can be paired with a striped or plaid sofa or chair or loveseat and, in like manner, striped or plaid cushions may be paired with floral furniture farics. Some solids may make a more balanced match rather than making a room too busy with too many different patterns.

Throw cushions are a definite game changer by adding pops of fresh colors to our spaces. Changing throw pillows with the season can be the easy way to change a decor. Summer's lights and brights to winters deep and warm colors and bold patterns serve the purpose of tipping the scale of easy and economical changes to our homes. The world of colors and patterns are out there for you to use,so, choose the colors that you like and make each space your own with your favorites in color and pattern and lighting. Be bold, be cool, or be bright in whatever season you like.

Many more ideas are out there for decorating your spaces and just putting them to use can be easy. Brightening our lives with lighting, and colors, and patterns can take the dullness out of our homes and make it a welcoming space for you and everyone who steps into your domain.


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