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Baby Blue Curtains

Updated on March 10, 2011

Baby Blue Curtains for Your Home

You can use baby blue curtains to create a beautiful room, no matter if it is your bedroom, your baby's bedroom, or for your bathroom. The baby blue color is perfect for modern and traditional homes and can look good with most color rooms because of the cool to warm shades of baby blue.

When shopping for curtains, an important quality to consider is what material the curtains are made from. The most common materials for curtains to be made from are polyester, cotton, satin, taffeta and silk. The material that the curtain is made from is important because the thicker the material, the less light it will let into the room. You should take this into consideration when choosing curtains. You need to decide what purpose they will serve.

Will the curtains be for darkening or simply for window embellishment? Should you choose sheer curtains to allow the most light possible into the room, choose only a baby blue valance if the windows are smaller, or choose baby blue drapes. These are all things to consider when shopping for baby blue curtains. There are a wide variety out there, so it is best to have some idea in mind when you begin shopping.

I like online shopping for baby blue curtains, because I feel the selection available is incomparable. They have everything from inexpensive sheer panels to super rich baby blue taffeta drapes. They also have some really great color pattern combinations with the baby blue like rich golds or taupes. Two great places to try are Amazon and eBay. You can visit or to see their current selections of baby blue curtains. Be careful though, because sometimes you have to be very specific to find just what you're looking for. Who knows what else will inspire you while you're there.

More Baby Blue Curtains Buying Tips

Baby blue curtains can be added to a variety of rooms including modern, traditional, Victorian, and Colonial styles. It really depends on the curtain type, whether you're looking for a baby blue valance, baby blue drape, baby blue panel, baby blue scarf, or just regular baby blue curtains. Baby blue has always been the popular color for boys and window curtain color for young boy's is traditionally baby blue, but it is a color used in all types of homes now - not just for boys any more.

Measuring the quality of a curtain is not just necessarily the material the curtains are made from. You also must consider the hemming that has been done on the curtain. Properly sewn curtains will last a long time and can withstand pulling and frequent washings.

If you do decide to choose baby blue curtains, take into account what you are going to use for a curtain rod. While you can use the traditional white curtain rods, this color curtain will also go very well with wrought iron curtain rods. The wrought iron will also add a more classic or contemporary feel to your home. Fancier rods should only be used with baby blue panels or baby blue drapes where the curtain rod will be showing more. If you know that your baby blue curtains will not allow any of the rod to show through, then opt for the less expensive white kinds. Purchasing wrought iron curtain rods for your baby blue curtains can look quite lovely, but also get quite expensive when you add in the cost of finials.

The use of a window valance curtain with a baby blue curtains can also add more volume to the window treatment. Valances can be scarf type of balloon or very stylized and tailored valances. The addition of a valance will give a thicker, fuller look to the window treatment, since it will be double layered. You can also opt for valances alone on a window if the windows are smaller, like in a kitchen or a bathroom where the window view is concealed from neighbors.


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