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Babyliss Portofino Hair Dryer Review – Fast Dryer

Updated on May 9, 2016


  • Makes hair soft and smooth
  • Comfortable handle
  • Ionic technology
  • Power 2000 watt
  • Conditions, softens and adds shine-


  • May be expensive
  • Dry slowly

Super-Quick Drying Time

The BaByliss Portofino Hair Dryer boasts 2000 watts of power, which is a lot for a dryer of this price. In my test, I wet a section of my hair and dried it using a wide-tooth comb. After only 3 minutes, my hair was 80% dry – this is faster than usual for me. The day of the test was a very humid summer day. I have extremely thick, long hair so with all that in mind; the drying time for this dryer impressed me. It’s one of the best hair dryers to me yet. I give it a thumb up.

Durable Italian AC Motor

I have to admit that my knowledge of Italian motors is scant, but I did a bit of research and found that BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Dryer is made with durable metals and parts. Babyliss Portofino Dryer benefits from metal that does not overheat as often or quickly as motors of less expensive models. The long life of the BaByliss Portofino makes its price a worthwhile investment. Of course it won’t last forever but the motor of this dryer does look to be of very high quality and puts it in a higher class than other dryers.

Ergonomic and Lightweight

One of the first things I noticed when picking up the Babyliss Portofino Hair Dryer is its light weight. It only weighs 1.3 pounds so holding the dryer next to or over your head will be no problem at all – not that it will take that long anyway. Its ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip, although I’ve never found holding any dryer to be particularly uncomfortable. I imagine if drying my hair took 30 minutes, I’d notice a difference in comfort, but that’s not necessary with this Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Dryer.

6 Speed and Heat Settings

I felt this was one of the best things about Babyliss Portofino Hair Dryer. While many dryers only have two settings (high and low), this Pro Hair Dryer boasts six settings! Usually I set my dryer on high to start off with because I’m not really styling my hair at first, just trying to get it as dry as possible. I have very thick hair and I find that most dryers’ low setting isn’t strong enough for me to blow my bangs out. However, the high setting is a bit too powerful, making it hard to manage my hair with the round comb. That's why I was intrigued by the 6 settings of the BaByliss Portofino. I was able to gather sections of hair around the comb and blow them out, using a setting in the middle and without having to deal with my hair blowing away wildly on the high setting.

When Do You Use Hair Dryer?

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Ease of Use

Babyliss Portofino Hair Dryer is one of the best professional hair dryers. The relatively heavy weight of this dryer is pointed out by many owners, but this seems to be more of an observation than a problem. Testers at Housekeeping Tools noticed that this Babyliss Hair Dryer stays cool to the touch, preventing singeing of hands and scalps. Testers also liked the comfortable to grip handle, but one reviewer at noticed how easy it is to accidentally hit the cool-shot button. The Babyliss Portofino Dryer comes equipped with a diffuser and three concentrator nozzles for several styling options.

Diffuser and 3 Concentrator Nozzles Included

I was very pleased to see that the Babyliss Portofino Hair Dryer arrived with 3 separate concentrator nozzles, even though I only needed one of them. I like to use a concentrator nozzle when giving my hair a blowout, because the airflow is so much easier to control with an attached nozzle. The Hair Dryer Babyliss also comes with a diffuser attachment. I don’t generally use diffusers because my hair is straight, but many of my curly-haired friends need them. In general, the diffuser works best when the dryer is used on the low setting. This is especially true since the BaByliss Portofino’s airflow is so strong – best to use the low setting with the diffuser.

Bottom Line

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Dryer has good reviews and it’s the cheapest dryer that we found reviews for. It could be a good option for someone wanting to spend less than $200.

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      Yes, thanks Nicolas

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      Nicolas 3 years ago

      Love all these products! I have most ardealy, but thank you for posting what shampoo and conditioner you use, i've been looking for a new great one. - what does your hubby use? same as you? also neeeeeeding to know what lipstain/gloss/stick you are wearing lately in your videos!