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Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag For Sale Online

Updated on April 26, 2012

There are many great pleasures in life; there are many things we can do that will make us happy or, at least, make us feel content. Some have different desires and aspirations than others: some of us will strive to big immersed in a big city, while other will aim to be lost in the wilderness far away from that very same big city. It's a balancing act of human nature one that will never be fully understood.

With this in mind one of the more popular activities one does to find peace and happiness is backpacking. The idea is backpacking is simple: you, and maybe a few friends, pack all the necessary tools for survival, pick a spot to hike, and then begin the adventure. Although it's not as simple as it sounds that the general idea - it's a plea to get away from the technological world our society is wrapped in.

There are many different things you need to pack when preparing for a backpacking trip; all items are virtually essential for having a good trip but some are more important than others. For example one of the most important items to pack on your backpacking trip is some backpacking sleeping bags. They're vital.

But what's the best backpacking sleeping bag? Are they compact sleeping bags? Or are they the lightest sleeping bags or the ultralight sleeping bag? The answer isn't as simple as it seems; backpacking sleeping bags for sale are available below, some are the best backpacking sleeping bags, and some are good for specific reasons. You be the judge.


Types of Backpacking Sleeping Bags

The truth of the matter is is that there are a lot of different backpacking sleeping bags. To choose the best backpacking sleeping bag, therefore, is a hard thing to do; in fact, it's almost impossible. Each backpacking sleeping bag is good for a certain reason and this means that for some it may be the best, and for others, well, not so much. It all comes down to what you need - or what you want.

Types of Backpacking Sleeping Bags:

  • Compact Sleeping Bags
  • Ultralight Sleeping Bag
  • Lightest Sleeping Bags
  • Slumberjack Sleeping Bags
  • Rectangular Down Sleeping Bags
  • 2 Person Sleeping Bags

Compact Sleeping Bags

One of the biggest obstacles when backpacking is with nature and the weather.  Many people have faltered and turned back because the temperature was too cold and their sleeping bag wasn't keeping them warm enough.  When backpacking you want this to be the least of your worries. 

Compact sleeping bags are one of the best ways to ensure this is never a problem.  Many compact sleeping bags are built for temperatures as low as 0 degrees. making them an excellent choice for backpacking in high altitudes.  A Compact sleeping bag is called compact not just because of the ability to package it up, but because when open it fits tightly around your body.  This is essential for keeping heat in. 

All compact sleeping bags for sale come with a compression sack (for travel) and an exterior pocket for storage.  All in all compact sleeping bags are on of the best backpacking sleeping bags and deserve a good look. 

Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Another big concern when backpacking is how to travel light.  The biggest killer is a bag that is too heavy, one that tires you out, and brings your mileage down.  Luckily some of the best backpacking sleeping bags have found a solution to that. 

Ultralight sleeping bags are some of the best bags for backpacking, making them an excellent investment.   My favorite ultralight sleeping bag is one made by Redwood.  It comes at a cheap price and doesn't sacrifce any comfrot; it's very light, almost like a feather, and is very easy to store for travel. 

Ultralight sleeping bags are not for every backpack trip.  Like I said before the best backpacking sleeping bags vary from person to person.  You may need a backpacking sleeping bag for winer; or you may need one for summer.  Ultralight sleeping bags to buy are perfect for summer adventures when the temperature never drops below 10 degrees. 

Slumberjack Sleeping Bags

One of the best companies for sleeping bags is Slumberjack.  They make a wide variety of sleeping bags, from kids sleeping bags, to winter sleeping bags.  The best part about Slumberjack sleeping bags, and the main reason why they are some of the top backpacking sleeping bags, is that they are very cheap.  They are the cheapest backpacking sleeping bags you'll be able to find. 

One of the bestselling Slumberjack sleeping bags is the Slumberjack latitude.  It has two layers which are overlapped in a way that makes sure all heat stays in;  it has a draft tube to prevent any wind stealing your heat; it also a flip over hood to keep your head warm, which, as some will tell you, is essential.  The best part of all?  It's a very cheap backpacking sleeping bag. 

Slumberjack sleeping bags are great when planning a family backpacking trip.  You can buy Slumberjack sleeping bags for girls, for boys, for kids - even for toddlers. 

Purchase Rectangular Down Sleeping Bags

Rectangular Down Sleeping Bags

Backpacking isn't supposed to be luxury travel but, if you want to be, you can make it feel pretty close.  How?  With some high quality backpacking sleeping bags; in other words buy rectangular down sleeping bags

Just check out the feautres:

  • Rectangular bag (very flexible)
  • Ripstop Nylon shell. 
  • Full insulation (full body heat)
  • No cold spots
  • Nylon Taffeta lining; waterproof and will dry quickly. 

Buy 2 Person Sleeping Bags for Backpacking Online

2 Person Sleeping Bags

Backpacking, like many things in life, is better when shared. The same is true with sleeping bags:  the best backpacking bags, the best sleeping  bags, are ones that convenient to carry and are not a hassle at all.   2 person sleeping bags are neither of these things. 

A 2 person sleeping bag is great because, when backpacking, only one person has to carry it.  This frees up space and allows you to bring other things to make the overall experience better.  A 2 person sleeping bag isn't a very light backpacking sleeping bag but for the convenience  you get it doesn't matter. 

Of course the main downfall with a 2 person sleeping bag is that it has to be shared.  This is something that isn't done lightly and is most popular when backpacking with your significant other.

A 2 person sleeping bag, when used with only on person, can be very comfortable.  The insulation is good and the space you get is great for those of us who like to spread out while sleeping. 




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      Very useful piece of information. These new sleeping bag designs are incredible.

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