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Backyard Decorating Ideas

Updated on July 21, 2016

Do – have a theme

A theme can tie all the different decorating elements in your backyard together and can be as broad or specific as you wish. Examples of a broad theme might include a tropical setting where a selection of items such as bamboo, palms, a thatched hut and rustic furniture and perhaps a hammock blend together to create the feeling of being on a tropical island in the middle of the pacific.

A more specific theme example might be a Japanese garden with a structured layout incorporating dwarf maple trees, water features with perhaps koi fish. A broad theme will provide more freedom to add more eclectic items whereas a specific theme is likely to be stricter to maintain its integrity.

Don’t – blow your entire budget and have nowhere to sit in your backyard

Do – think of your backyard as a number of rooms

Outdoor rooms can accommodate different functions, perhaps for members of your family who have their own needs. These “rooms” can be loosely separated by partitions made of shrubs and hedges or light fencing and include a patio or roofed structure. The trick here is to ensure that the different areas work sympathetically with each other and blend together with common elements such as paths, walls and plantings.

Don’t – be tempted to build rooms that fight each other on the style front

Do – be creative and have some fun

If you have kids, backyard decorating ideas that involve them can be a big hit!

Consider buying a basic calico hammock and have the kids, with your help of course, paint or dye it.. Think about attracting birds to your backyard by hanging some birdseed in one spot then build a bird watching hut for the kids so they can take photos and learn to love nature. Try getting the kids involved in recycling some old toys or furniture items which may look great when painted in bright reds, blues and yellows. Some of your older brick-a-brac could take on a new life as garden art – now there’s a thought!

Don’t – put rubbish in your new backyard

Do – consider building a shed or roofed pagoda

There is nothing better than sitting outside watching the rain from under a roofed area. Roofed garden structures can range from the humble backyard shed to quite grand self contained flats with all the mod cons. A medium sized shed which can accommodate your gardening tools, provide some useful storage and can fit a table and chairs is probably a good thing to aim for but a small prefab garden shed is great for tools and storage. Be warned – it is very easy to get carried away when researching backyard sheds and quite possible to end up with something half as large as your house if you’re not careful!

Don’t – get carried away

Do – consider garden lighting

With the introduction of the latest LED garden lighting technology you can enjoy your backyard well into the night. Garden lights usually run from a transformer which steps down the power to low voltage making it safe in the backyard. Using spotlights to illuminate special features in your backyard and rope lights for a festive look, you can turn your backyard into a wonderland all year round.

Don’t – get competitive with the neighbors!

Do – have a water feature

Whether it’s a birdbath or a swimming pool – there is nothing quite like having water in the backyard, You owe it to yourselves to check out the huge variety of water features available at your local garden center or landscape supplier as water is probably one of the best backyard decorating ideas of all. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when making your selection. Some fountains and water features can be noisy over long periods – a steady trickle may be better than a thunderous waterfall and cheaper to run as well. Please check to see if ground level or low installations may be a danger to infants.

Don’t – have a thunderous waterfall close to neighbors

Do – have an edible garden

Being able to eat at least some of the fruits of your labor in the backyard is very satisfying. If you have the time and the inclination you may want to turn a good part of your backyard over to food production. Vegetables, fruit and herbs can all be grown with success in the average backyard but it can be challenging at times and requires a certain amount of dedication. Fruit trees and herbs are an easy way to get the benefits of an edible garden without most of the hard work and having fresh herbs and fruit for cooking is fantastic. Flowering fruit trees such as pear, apple, peach, plum, and various citrus make it into the top six backyard decorating ideas as the flowers turn into fruit which you can eat.

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