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Backyard vegetable gardeners simply, want to know which garden tiller is easy to use

Updated on February 9, 2015

Backyard vegetable gardeners best tiller

For rare thinking individuals like you and me, growing fresh vegetables in our backyard garden is a darn good idea. However, that is not to say, we are willing to work our fool tails off unnecessarily just so we can enjoy the great taste and health benefits from eating fresh fruits, herbs and veggies from our garden.

Which is to say, I think you will agree, we need to find out which garden tools we should buy, rent, hire, or borrow that make tilling, cultivating, and weeding the garden take as little time and effort as is possible. As you continue reading this article, backyard vegetable gardeners simply, want to know which garden tiller is easy to use I think you will begin to see, a rear tine tiller is easy to use.

Why garden!

Let us be honest with ourselves for a moment, if it were not for superior taste and improved quality homegrown vegetables such as vine-ripened tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, zucchini and cucumbers picked at the peak of freshness reward us, we would not even give planting a garden a second thought.

The truth of the matter, we know and believe in our heart, homegrown vegetables ripening on the vine in our backyard garden, not only taste better, they provide our family with better quality food and nutrition. Especially when compared to the vegetables found in the local supermarket produce counter that came from only God knows where, when they were harvested, and what chemicals were use to grow them.

Selecting the best garden tiller

What makes a rear tine tiller easy to use?

● The new heavy-duty rear tine tillers designed for today’s backyard gardeners, are equipped with easy starting, powerful, fuel-efficient OHV 4-cycle engines. These backyard workhorses are complete with clearly laid out and easy to use controls for not only the tiller box, and transmission speed and direction. Also the 4-cycle OHV engine that include;

◦ run and off switch,

◦ throttle speed,

◦ engine choke for cold starting conditions,

◦ easy to use and locate dipstick for checking the engine oil level,

◦ easy to service OHV engine air cleaner assembly that is important to the engine operating at its peak efficiency.

Rear time tiller features that deliver

● forward and reverse multi speed transmissions make it easy to slow down when tilling heavy clay soils, or increasing travel speed when the need arises. Such is the case when moving the rear tine tiller from the garden shed to the garden and back again.

● rear safety shield and tiller box covers the rotating tines, protecting vegetable plants, tomato cages, cucumber trellises and let us not forget our feet. from the powerful tillers tines that rotate at high speed. All the while, keeping the soil, compost, or our other many soil amendments, contained with in the tiller box where it is perfectly tilled and mixed.

Benefits of tiller adjustments

● easily adjusted depth gauge / drag bar helps to keep the tiller tines from digging to aggressively in compacted heavy clay soils. Tilling one to two inches deep in hard soils per pass, makes the job of tilling the garden spot a hole lot more fun, and not so much as a fight, like when we are trying to tame, or should I say, hold back, a run-a-way troy Bilt horse tiller pulling us across the garden.

● large rubber pneumatic tires make moving rear tine tillers around the garden and tilling in rough plant beds where we pulled out all the tomato, sunflower, and other garden materials, we compost much easier.

Importance of tiller control

● the large, easily adjusted, up and down, and on the high and models, the side-to-side adjustment on the handles with handy controls intuitively located. Provide the advantage that makes controlling the heavy-duty rear tine tillers extremely easy to handle, when tilling and mixing Pete moss, manure, organic compost and fertilizers into our vegetable garden soil, makes creating the perfect planting beds not only, unbelievably easy, but a lot of fun and rewarding as well.

● High-end full featured rear tine tillers are not limited to tilling and cultivating our vegetable gardens. High-end tillers like the Troy Bilt Big Red and the larger BCS tiller/tractor offer the option of using a multitude of different useful attachments. These tiller attachments turn the ordinary rear tine garden tiller, into a complete set of lawn and garden maintenance tools, from tilling, cultivating, mowing, removing snow and a whole host of other jobs around the lawn and garden, summer, spring, winter and fall.

Easy to use BCS rear tine tillers

Backyard vegetable gardeners simply, want to know which garden tiller is easy to use

Working in and around the gardens, landscape beds and plantings, backyard vegetable gardeners simply, want to know which garden tiller is easy to use. In this article, we have covered the points that should concern anyone looking to replace an old obsolete tiller, or the newbie backyard vegetable gardener wanting to get started on the right foot. Now all you need do, buy your new rear tine tiller online, have it delivered to your front door, and have fun in your very own vegetable garden growing your own fresh organic veggies.

Discover the fun and rewards of organic gardening. Much success, Mike

The author of this publication, Mike Teddleton owns the copyright to Backyard vegetable gardeners simply, want to know which garden tiller is easy to use. The rights to publish this article in print or online can only be granted by contacting me the author in writing. You may use the intro and link back to the article directing the reader back to my post here at HubPages where they may find the story in its entirety


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    • Teddletonmr profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Teddleton 

      7 years ago from Midwest USA

      Katie good to hear from you. I sure hope that ground hog knows what it is talking about. I have had just about all the winter weather I care to enjoy.

      I am sure looking forward to planting vegetables in the garden this spring. The rear tine tiller, and Stihl yard boss is serviced and ready to till the garden and cultivate around the tomato and pepper plants.

      My fourteen year ole is planning on trying his luck with blueberries and strawberries this year.

      Welcome spring, plant your organic vegetable garden, eat better and live better. Mike

    • katiem2 profile image


      7 years ago from I'm outta here

      I'm so happy the ground hog did not see his shawdow and we can look forward to an early spring. I love gardening and look forward to starting my garden every year.

      I enjoy you new garden series of helpful vegetable gardening tips on which tiller to use. There are so many available now.

      Thanks for the gardening tips! :) katie

    • Teddletonmr profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Teddleton 

      7 years ago from Midwest USA

      Imchemist thanks for your comment. Rear tine tillers are is to use, make gardening a lot more fun, and are not just for use in our vegetable gardens with all the useful attachments available today.

      Thanks for stopping by, remember to use organic plant food, seeds, plants, eat fresh, live better and enjoy a healthy life style. Mike

    • ImChemist profile image


      7 years ago

      You know what? i like your hub its help me a lot of information , i rated it awesome.


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