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Bad Ideas To Avoid When Locked Out Of Your House At 2 A.M.

Updated on September 9, 2016

It Seemed Like Such a Good Idea.................

Reaching your front door at 2 A.M. only to discover you lost your keys can be extremely frustrating. You might even end up losing your temper and doing something you regret such as causing a lot of damage to your door. Even though certain ideas might pop into your head, you are well advised to avoid doing anything rash. Understanding a few ill-advised moves to avoid also helps you avoid their fallout.

Knocking on Neighbor's Doors

Unless your neighbor has a spare key or is a reputable locksmith, asking him/her for help is not going to be of much use. There is really nothing your neighbor can likely do for you. At 2 A.M., in particular, your neighbors are not going to answer the door. And in all honesty, it is unwise to go banging on people's front porches in the middle of the night. You could be confused for a burglar leading to a disastrous outcome.

Turning the Wrong Key by Force

Sure, the key may slide into the lock without any problems but it is extremely stiff when you try to turn it. Trying to force the key might seem like a good idea because, well, the key should fit. The problem is the key doesn't and never will. Forcing the key is going to do little more than break it off in the lock and/or damage the tumbler. Now, instead of just getting the door opened, you now have to buy a whole new lock.

Climbing to a Second Story Window

The windows on the first floor are wisely locked. On the second floor, you leave them open because burglars cannot reach them without the ladder they do not know is in your shed. Digging out that ladder and using it to reach a second story window is a debatable idea in broad daylight. In the middle of the night, climbing a ladder is an extremely terrible idea. Far too many serious hazards are present in low light situations. Don't take the risk. Forget about the second floor window.

Calling the Police

People assume because they are experiencing a personal emergency, the situation merits emergency response from the police or fire department. Calling 911 for help getting back into your home just might get you arrested for tying up the emergency line with a frivolous matter.

The best thing to do in such an annoying situation is to contact locksmiths offering 24 hour emergency service. A good locksmith is capable of getting you inside your home and out of trouble.

Sitting in your car with the doors locked and waiting for the locksmith to arrive is a much safer bet than fumbling around the house looking like an intruder.


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