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Baking Soda a Home Remedy

Updated on January 1, 2011

Baking Soda

Baking soda for house and home.
Baking soda for house and home.

Baking Soda Around The House

There are many uses for Baking Soda. Baking soda as a medicine, Baking soda as a cleaner, Baking soda in the kitchen, Baking soda in the laundry, Baking soda and your pet, Baking soda and the outdoors. Baking soda is an amazing product and has many, many uses. Today I would like to list some of the most common uses for baking soda and some of the uncommon uses for baking soda.

1.When your pet Fido gets a little stinky rub a couple of handfuls of baking soda into his fur and brush thoroughly. This will remove foul pet odors and leave Fido's fur shinny and healthy looking.

2. Use baking soda as a cat box deodorizer, why pay high prices for perfumed products that won't work as well.

3. Sweeping baking soda into the cracks of your sidewalks or patio areas will keep weeds and grasses from growing there.

4. Clean your resign lawn furniture with baking soda as it is not as abrasive as most commercial cleaners. Just wet your sponge and dip it in baking soda, clean using a circular motion.

5. In the winter baking soda can be used as a deicer. Just sprinkle a generous amount and ad a little sand for traction. This method won't stain your concrete like most commercial products do.

6. If your the handy type you can use your baking soda to clean battery terminals. Just use an old toothbrush and a 3 to 1 mixture of baking soda and water to scrub them clean. Wipe off with a wet towel and dry with another.

7. Use as a road tar remover from your car. Make a paste 3 to 1 mixture with water. put it on wait 5 minutes and rinse away.

8. Whiten your whites and brighten your colors by adding a half cup of baking soda to your laundry along with your regular laundry soap. This will also soften the water so your can use less detergent. It strengthens the bleach also so you can use less bleach.

9. Rid your clothes of moth ball order by adding half a cup to the rinse cycle. You will never know they have been stored away for the off season.

10. Ever get that yellow stain on the underarm of your clothes. Baking soda can help remove those nasty perspiration stains. Four tablespoons baking soda and quarter cup of water, if the stain is really bad let it set for two hours before washing.

11. Remove all the chemicals out of brand new baby clothes by washing with baking soda.

12. Baby got diaper rash? Add baking soda to his bath to help sooth the irritation.

13. Minor burns, sunburns,and other skin irritations baking soda has got a solution. Soak a gauze or sterile pad in a 4 tablespoon and 1 cup water solution and place on affective area. Keep reapplying until irritation is gone. Chicken Pox take a baking soda bath and soak away the irritation.

14. Believe it or not use baking soda for cradle cap. 3 tablespoons baking soda to 1 teaspoon water rub on your babies head and leave over night. Wash in the morning, this may take a few days of treatment.

15. Use baking soda in place of shampoo to get rid of dandruff flakes.

16. Bad breath a problem gargle with baking soda to remove those bad breath orders.

17. Ran out of your regular toothpaste, yes you can use baking soda to brush your teeth with or clean your dentures. Just dip your wet toothbrush in the baking soda and brush away. You may even see a whiter smile!

18. Use baking soda as an antiperspirant. You wont smell flowery or perfumed but than again you wont stink like a skunk or salami.

19. If you have ever worn a cast you know how itchy they can be. Just blow some baking soda down the sides of your cast using you blow dryer on its coolest setting. And relief will be yours!

20. Soak your stinky feet in a baking soda solution  to remove your funky foot odor. Also sprinkle your shoes and let set over night to remove order. Do this daily in your shoes.

21.Children doing their art work on your wallpaper with crayon? Baking soda will remove the crayon and restore your walls beauty. Just rub lightly and with little effort it will go away.

22. Freshen your carpets and rugs, sprinkle on let stand 15 minutes and vacuum up.

23. Clean your kitchen trash can with a paper towel dipped in a baking soda solution to eliminate trash can odor.

24. Clean your automatic coffee maker every couple of weeks with a pot of baking soda water followed by a pot of clean water to keep your coffee tasting fresh.

25. Shine up your stainless steel sink by sprinkling baking soda on it and giving the sink a rub down. Use a moist cloth and rub in the direction of the grain.

As you can see by my list of baking soda uses above, this is a very handy item to have around the house. With a little investigating you will see my list only scratches the surface (barely). This amazing item is so lost cost no one can afford not to have it around the house.


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    • techygran profile image

      Cynthia 5 years ago from Vancouver Island, Canada

      wow, I could have used baking soda to clean all the crayon art off the wall in my son's apartment? (courtesy of his small child) Who knew? Well, next time! Thanks for all the great tips.

    • JannyC profile image

      JannyC 7 years ago

      Ooo I loved this there were some you mentioned I did not know about. I like using baking soda as a clog drain remover. It more eco friendly than them harsh chemicals and it works!