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Balancing Clean, Balancing Life

Updated on February 23, 2014

Starting with Self

Loving our homes should be like loving ourselves, because what we do to it reflects on where our minds are. When we go from one extreme to the other - i.e. clean vs. messy - it has to do with left/right brain dominance and what our natural tendencies are, but also how we look at life and cope with crises. Not everyone's idea of clean OR messy are the same. And certainly, someone from one extreme to the other may get turned off at the thought of constantly cleaning or de-cluttering. Truly, it is all about achieving balance.

By learning about who we are, only then can we project the right feelings into where we make our residence.

What do the following words mean to you: safety, warmth, serenity, comfort? Would you use those to describe where you live, or what you would want from your home?

Sorting it Out

  1. First, browse through images of what comes to mind when you think of the ideal home. Pinterest, home furnishing catalogues, stores, and various websites can all be great sources for you to peruse. When you find pictures you like, study them individually. Where do you see you (and your family) fitting in? Are there any colors, sounds, or smells that intrigue or soothe you? Do any of the aforementioned traits stand out as images that align with what you crave?
  2. Next, take inventory of what you currently have that fits in with your ideal images. They can be furniture or decorative pieces, or even part of the home's architecture. What do you like about those things? What would you do to enhance their appeal?
  3. Now, go back over your selected pictures again. Take notes over where you see the best fit for all the items you currently have that you would want to keep.
  4. Weed out the unnecessary, and make room for what items you need to add to complete the space. But before making a single purchase, make sure you de-clutter and CLEAN what will remain, both the items and everything and the surfaces surrounding them, including floors, walls, windows, and fixtures. This will ensure you spend a minimal amount on what you really need, and eliminate the risk of buying duplicates of anything that may have gotten lost or hidden from when your home was disorganized.
  5. Finally, start arranging. Each room is a blank canvas, just waiting to become a work of art. Don't be afraid to experiment with moving things around, or trying out colors, until it suits you. If you must, consult a color wheel, or research simple decorating rules of thumb for achieving harmony and balance in a given room. There are many emotions to be had just by how a painting is hung, or where you situate chairs! Consider these things as you decorate.

And in the End

When you are done, you will know, because the rooms will define who you are, what you hold important, and your home as a whole will help pave the way for your future to unfold. But to get there may take a while, so be patient with yourself! The important thing is to get started, so that one day soon you will reap the results.


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