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Bamboo Pillows

Updated on March 16, 2011

Bamboo Bedroom Furniture not Just Bamboo Pillows

Do you want to create an environmentally friendly bedroom that is also stylish? If you are than you may want to consider using bamboo items in the the bedroom. From bamboo pillows to bamboo flooring almost every item in your bedroom can be made from bamboo.

Another good thing about items made from bamboo is that they are extremely durable. This makes it good for a kids room but is also fine enough for your own master bedroom. Bamboo being so light weight also makes it easy to re-arrange around the room.

If you are really on a bamboo kick than you can also add other items to the room other than bamboo furniture. Consider adding bamboo vases, picture frames, fans, and even lights to the bedroom's decor.

More Bamboo Pillow Cases

To take care of your bamboo furniture no special care is really necessary. All that you need to do is treat it like any other wood furniture. It can be stained and painted. Just be careful that you do not scratch the surface of items as it can leave marks.

Some of you maybe asking why bamboo is so environmentally friendly. Well for one it grows much faster than wood trees. On average bamboo grows ten times faster than wood trees. This means that in one year a bamboo tree will grow as much as a hardwood tree would in ten years.

Bamboo fibers can be used to create bamboo textiles including bamboo pillows, bamboo sheets, and even bamboo comforters. Bamboo fiber is sometimes used for window curtains also.

Caring for bamboo fabrics is also a little different. You will want to wash anything that needs it, on delicate or by hand. Also do not use bleach or harsh detergents. If you come upon any loose strings or hems on the bamboo pillow or sheets cut them immediately as they could pull and cause damage.

You can purchase bamboo pillows online at sites like or even eBay.

Bamboo Pillow
Bamboo Pillow


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