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Lucky Indoor Bamboo House Plants & Wedding Favors

Updated on May 12, 2014

What Are Lucky Bamboo Plants?

Lucky Bamboo Plants, also known by their scientific name, Dracaena Sanderiana, are ornamental plants. These plants are members of the lily family that grows in the dark, tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia and Africa.

These plants, though referred to as bamboo plants are in no way related to the grass bamboo plants family, Poaceae. They are however, popular houseplants that are becoming widely used in home decors and as gift options.

How Did The Lucky Bamboo Plant Get Its Name?

Well, in the Chinese culture, it is believed that the Lucky Bamboo Plant brings luck. The plants is said to be a symbol of strength and resilience. It is said to also bring good fortune when given as a gift.

No wonder this very natural plant is becoming the one plant that has found its way into living rooms across the country. And, it is daily growing in popularity as one of the environmental friendly plants of choice for use at home for home décor, and as decorations at festivities. Other ways to use Lucky Bamboo Plants:

Lucky Bamboo Plants for Home Décor

If you're looking for lucky bamboo plants, you are sure to find than at any plant nursery. Lucky Bamboo Plants are almost always featured in home décor sections of most home décor stores, including your local Home depots, Lowe's, and major grocery chains that has a floral department.

Lucky Bamboo Plants have a reputation for being a low-maintenance houseplant that minimal sunshine and very little care to survive. So for those who would rather have a living plant for care for, Lucky Bamboo Plants are a natural option.

Lucky Bamboo Plant for Wedding Shower Favors

Lucky Bamboo Plants are great to use as wedding shower favors. Many brides-to-be who are into creating an organic or green theme for their wedding tend to use these plants in their weddings. They are especially great as wedding gift take-aways for the wedding guests.

Use Lucky Bamboo Plants as Centerpieces

Lucky bamboo Plants are a great way to achieve a green, organic decorative theme at your celebrations. Whether it's a wedding, an anniversary party, a corporate party or maybe even a birthday party, you can use lucky bamboo plants as your main centerpieces, or incorporate it your floral arrangement.

The good thing about using a plant like the Lucky bamboo Plant, is that it can be recycled. You can use it again and again for other festivities and you don't have to worry about it withering. You can also use it as a give-away or parting gift.

Care Of The Lucky Bamboo Plants

Lucky Bamboo Plants are easy to care for. They can survive in many indoor conditions. They best suited for growing in soil condition, although it is often sold with the roots in water.

Like any other plants, Lucky Bamboo Plants need watering to survive. Watering of a bamboo plant should be done sparsely, like every two weeks.

The water should be either bottled water, soft tap water with very little fluoride, or even water from a filtered. Indirect lighting is best for a lucky bamboo plant as direct sunlight can cause the leaves to turn yellow and burn.


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Author: Comfort Babatola - Updated February 2013


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