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Bamboo Shades - A Natural Setting

Updated on October 28, 2015

Bamboo Shades - A Reflection of You

Bamboo shades give your home a character that uniquely reflects your individual style. They are capable of providing you with a desired level of privacy, and simple yet elegant beauty. Bamboo shades can be a complement to any wooden furniture décor. They are an easy addition to bring the beauty of nature into your home.

Bamboo shades come in a wide variety of types. The simplest bamboo shades are created using whole tubes, also known as pipes, of bamboo reeds. Originally they were made by letting the bamboo reeds dry, and then lashing these pieces together. This simple idea is the basic concept used today, but there have been great improvements mad to the process.

Bamboo Shades To Suit Your Style

Another type of bamboo shades are made by weaving together smaller pieces of natural fibers. Materials such as jute, grasses, reeds, and of course bamboo pieces are used to create this type of bamboo shade. You may be familiar with this type of shade by the name of matchstick shades, woven shades, or even woven wooden shades.

Bamboo shades can be found in many different styles these days. Whether you prefer a simple shade that rolls up, or like the folding look of a roman shade, bamboo shades are usually made with a cord to raise and lower them.

Bamboo Shades Sliding Panels for Patio Door
Bamboo Shades Sliding Panels for Patio Door

Bamboo Shades To Cool a Room

Bamboo shades can be quite energy efficient. By reducing the amount of light coming through the window in the summer, they can help lower those high cooling bills!

Lining is added to some bamboo shades giving them even more light shading capability. Some even have insulated material used in lining them, giving them an insulating capability as well.

Like any other shade, you can find styles of bamboo shades that are made to be mounted within the window frame, as well as those designed to hang from above the window.

Pick Your Privacy With Bamboo Shades

You may be surprised by the amount of privacy bamboo shades can offer! How tight the weave is can be an important factor in how much privacy can be provided. This will also affect how much light will be able to come through.

  • The tighter the weave, the less light that will penetrate and the more privacy that will be provided.
  • The size of the reeds used can also affect how much privacy is provided. A larger reed will provide more solidity and more privacy.
  • To achieve the most privacy possible, you will want to look at lined bamboo shades.

Different types of bamboo shades can offer you a variety of privacy to meet your desired needs.

Through the Looking Grass

A simple fact that many people do not know about bamboo is that it is actually a grass.

  • As a grass, it is capable of growing as much a five feet in a single month.
  • Although it is a grass, bamboo is extremely strong, and very durable.

Because bamboo grows so quickly, the production of many bamboo products, including bamboo shades, is ecologically friendly.

Bamboo shades can easily be labeled as environmentally friendly, and as financially friendly.

Bamboo Shades Bring Comfort To Your Wallet

When compared to other types of window shades, you will find that bamboo shades are fairly inexpensive. With prices starting at $20, bamboo shades are affordable for everyone.

If you are looking to cover a larger window, or using bamboo shades for different purposes, you can find higher quality or larger size shades. They usually come with the price tag to match though!

The Versatile Nature of Bamboo Shades

Bamboo shades are quite versatile and can be found hanging in open doorways, and being used as room dividers. They are an ideal choice for a sun room or conservatory.

Bamboo shades can even found commonly in outside décor. They have been found in creative uses such as creating a private area in the garden, out on the veranda, a small terrace, and around the backyard patio. What a beautiful way to shade your porch!

Can you imagine sitting outside on your porch, enjoying the fresh air in the shaded comfort of your bamboo shades?

Bamboo Shades For A Clean Getaway

Bamboo shades can be very easy to maintain. There is no need to buy special cleaning brushes or cleansing agents to clean bamboo shades.

They can actually be cleaned by simply spraying them clean with a shower head or garden hose! How much easier could it be?!

As a natural grass they will hold up to the water spray quite easily, and provide you with enjoyment and comfort for years to come.

Bamboo Shades Window Shades
Bamboo Shades Window Shades

Bamboo Shades Offer Timeless Style

Although using bamboo shades are nothing new, hundreds of styles, and patterns have become available as their popularity has increased. You are certain to find bamboo shades that reflect your personal tastes and style, no matter who you are.

Knowing all of this about bamboo shades, you can be sure that they are a wise investment that can add style and beauty to many areas of your home.

Try the beauty of bamboo in your home today!

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