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Bangalore flower show 2010

Updated on March 7, 2013

These are the photos of the flower show conducted by the Horticulture Society of Mysore in 2010 at Lal Bagh or the Red Gardens in Bangalore,India.Every year Lal Bagh is dressed as a newly wedded bride on the republic day.This show last for at least 10 days.The cost estimated is normally more than 35 lakhs which include wide varieties of flowers and a very ex quite floral arrangements with a detailed description about of each of them . I am sure that my viewer would enjoy the photos.


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    • sreelekha123 profile image

      Sree 3 years ago from Hopkins, MN, US

      Thank you Carolyn for the comment and advice. Just because I am beginner its taking me time to add matter to my hub posts but I would surely add more text to it to make it visible. :)

    • CarolynEmerick profile image

      Carolyn Emerick 3 years ago

      What beautiful pictures! Just a bit of advice, though. Hubpages will not feature your article unless you have more text. So if you can add a paragraph to explain each picture, it will really help it do better with hubpages. Besides, the pictures are so wonderful it makes us want to know more about this festival!! :-)

    • sreelekha123 profile image

      Sree 4 years ago from Hopkins, MN, US

      Thank You Nancy.These were taken when I was in India.

    • Nancy Owens profile image

      Nancy Owens 4 years ago from USA

      What beautiful pictures! Did you take a trip to visit this show?