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Bangalore is dying.

Updated on February 19, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Will hide behind huge closed security doors,before its too late. [ Bangalore will DIE.]

Mafia Mania Men Money Murder - M City.

We do not have any hope of a place in the city which has some peace and quite corner to even stand and watch the moving men and traffic as a time pass as the so called parks an apology for a park is with some dirt and filth.The place is full of diabetic people walking not for pleasure but to control their sugar in their blood.One corner will be a lady's group who laugh and clap to enjoy their evening freedom from their family.If you are seen in the park walking it is 100% taken for sure you have diabetes.Even some walk for controlling their blood pressure.

Those were the days when people used to hear only the local language being spoken.It is no more heard.The Govt of Karnataka recently celebrated Kannada sahitya sammelana a mega event spending money which could have been used to construct a kannada school in every village in the state.That is stupid idea.Who will foot the running expenses.It must also warm few pockets of the politicians.We now hear Tamil too often,Telugu so often and other languages everywhere often.

What will be the future of Bangalore and what will be the future of those who are sitting in the parks with big fat in the front and back attached to their geometrical shape of different types.They are a burden to the city but they do not want to go elsewhere.

The city is full of Motor cars and rates as a city of Motor Bikes,you can watch those on these bikes TVS or Hero Honda go like cheetah so fast that advertisers like to show such stunts but warn the young bikers not to do so that they will definitely do it.How many have been injured or have had their young life gone on the road once for all from their loved ones.Knowingly they attempt such zig zag the road even talking to their loved ones with cell phone stuck on their Ear and shoulder.

Where do these people get money to buy the Bikes and Cars.Our Banks put put loan Mela.Go and get a certificate of employment and a person who is a Govt employee as a surety for prompt money repayment.You can get what you want.

There is of course other loans also like Home Loan,it is a big racket and corrupt procedure.You are sanctioned with the amount of loan required to construct your dream home but the money is released in such a way that the time taken for construction gets doubled resulting in cost escalation.Actually it is the unaccounted money they use and construct the house.Bank loan is a shield.Like the education loan.The student who gets the loan is only a rich man's son or daughter.

All things gets done in India by giving bribe,people who do not like to bribe will have to suffer in the end.Those who collect the bribe are hand in glove with some guy who is more powerful than the law.They are law by themselves.No one gets away by exposing the corrupt.Take the scam map of India and mark the places where there was a scam.Some statistician will tell and explain the map and it will be interesting if you can do it.

Everything goes under Mafia,the word is Italian and we have to respect Italian culture.The country is ruled by a Italian Indian.

Let us list the Mafia alphabetically as under:-

A - Air India - they can stop the country's Air Traffic.

B - Building - They control all Apartments.

C - Coal - They make sure your coal wagon is of a mixture of other than coal.

D - Dope - That needs no explanation.

E - Excise - They loot the people legally.

F - Flesh - You know this trade.

G - Gold - That is everybody's love.

H - Hush - They hush the media too.

I - Industrialists - They buy anything.

J - Job Shop - You know them.

K - Kick Back - Who is not wanting it.

L - Loaders - You cant move your goods with out their help.

M - Mine - They are all over India.

N - News Paper - It is our pre breakfast need.

O - Oil - Oh yes petrol costs Rs.17 per liter in Pakistan.

P - Politics - Its worse than anything now in India.

Q - Quakers - Bad Medicine.

R - Race - In everything they run.

S - Soft Drink - Everybody has it and drinks not knowing its contents effect.

T - Tankers - Air - Road - Rail - Sea - all inclusive.

U - Union - Yes in every walk of life.

V - Vendors - We need them more than they need us.

W - Workers Contract - Yes very cost effective.

X - Xerox - Now a must for us even if its not required.

Y - Youth - A dangerous gang of thugs.

Z - Zen - Not a mafia but mania.

The city will die of all this Mafias and good citizens will go elsewhere from BANGALORE.

Bangalore will DIE for those who lived for so long,so nice and so good.


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