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Bangalore to Hosur Fast Exit.

Updated on June 20, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Home Sweet Home.

What went wrong at my Hosur Home..

Hosur was just a road side town just 50 years back. This town was at the western most tip from the east coast which had no one was interested to set up anything in this god's own land in the west part of the state.This town which had 3 hills over which temples of Bramha,Vishnu and Shiva temples were found and had drawn few people from Karnataka and few of the many farmers from Andhra State to settle here as perhaps they the farmers of Andhra previously known as Hyderabad State did not find in their own state any occupation for living and a section of a particular community in Karnataka who were afraid of Muslim ruled Karnataka State known earlier as Mysore State during the period of Tippu Sultan's rule.had migrated and settled in this place which had no name and so called it as HOSUR meaning new place or town in Kannada language.The present population is a mixture of Telugu,Kannada and Tamil population.I lived in this town for 2 years after building my own house and studied the people and how a place that was called as Little England had turned in ti a giant mess.The reason for the mess you can guess 'All The Rulers of the State' for 6 decades.or 60 years.

I had to come back to Bangalore on account of many reasons.

My Bed Room was only in my dreams and its construction was under progress 67 kilometers away.I had not checked the plan with and without furnishing which was a big mistake that I made in haste to get out of the mess I was in. I had got in to another mess of looking at the Bed Room I got from the builder after putting the basic furniture in my Bed Room and realized I had put the cart before the horse.I wanted my head when I was on my bed to keep my head facing back to the east but it was not possible.My Toilet door should not be at my feet but it was there located at my feet.My Bed was 5 inches less in width than the queen size bed.The height of the Bed was low er than the standard height and this created a problem to my wife as she had knee problem and getting out of Bed was a pain to her.The window could no be opened as very powerful breeze would come all of a sudden and disturb my sleep.The height of the toilet seat was low and getting up was a pain to my wife who had knee problem.The wash basin was small and washing face with both hands would spill the water on the floor.I would feel cold as my house was open on all sides with out any other building if I opened the Bed Room door and by closing it would make my room hot and running the best brand of air conditioner when the weather was fine was not a good idea.Opening only one side of the wardrobe door would block the passage near the foot of the bed and it was only half of the wardrobe opening of the other door was not possible to open as the wall would prevent its full opening for my wardrobe and like wise that of my wife's ward robe.It was not my dream Bed Room any more.There were other problems also but this was my major problem spending sleepless nights for over two years.I do not know who made the plan as I purchased a half built home to save time thinking I could make changes but the builder never did even violating the mandatory building rules.The plan was perhaps was for a guest House.

My Home called as a Villa.

The meaning of a VILLA is that it is a large and luxurious country residence or it may be an estate and consisting of few acres of vegetable or flower garden maintained for private use as beautification only with pleasant ambiance and a look that is different from a row of houses in a city Which most of the people including myself were having a different understanding of this word VILLA. I was so sure that any place that I may select would be better than the home that I had built with all care with out any experience or long term planning.This VILLA plot that I saw was in a prime place and I thought I will make it my final dream home since it had few good advantages such as:-

  1. It was just near the main entrance.
  2. It had no road in the south but a vacant plot.
  3. It was East facing - a Vastu engineering requirement.
  4. It had uninterrupted water supply.
  5. There was a Assamese as Security at the Big Gate.
  6. There was a road in the east and vacant plot in west

The Sales Agent told us so many features awaiting to be taken up on this VILLA PLOT.and told us to just pay a sum of Rs.25,000/- and Block this premium plot that we choose except the plots that were sold.He also told that once a plot was blocked it would not be sold to anyone.I did not think twice but paid the sum by a check and was dreaming of building my dream bed room.My Bed Room better than my uncle's which I saw and was dreaming on my own.My Uncle who was a Electrical Contractor was the richest man in our family.He even offered my father a shoe lace knitting machine which had bought from Japan way back in 1940.My Rotarian uncle also had taken a copy of the House Blue Print of his Host's home in Japan,and had built his home on the lines and I liked the entire home of his which had a beautiful bed room always kept locked automatically as he came out of his room.He had also a 16 m m film projector and a camera to film what he wanted.He had his own swimming pool where all his Rotary Circle would meet.The only thing that captured my mind was his Bed Room.

When I built my home in a place that I did not know about how stupid I was is a question that now crops up in my mind.My only consolation is something I can't say open in publicly now...

I could not keep a Bed of this size in my Hosur Villa so I am back.

Something like this was my dream of a Bed Room.

And a Bath Room like this.

What was wrong in my present bed room?

I was fed up with the bedroom of my existing 1977 years old bed room though I had another slightly better and slightly bigger bed room with a 3.5 year old Blue Star 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner but that was on first floor which I had built in 1986 utilizing the space better as it was built on the garage and there was space.However I had to climb stairs which I had provided from out side of the ground floor and I had my office on the ground floor going up and down the staircase that too from out side was a pain and had shifted to ground floor vacating the upstairs and keeping it vacant as a guest house there was no option for me but to use the 1977 designed bedroom.This was not my bed room.It had a wide window facing the main road and had to use blinds to block people peeing at me the other window was facing a hut where a old women lived in a temple and used to talk so loud as she was deaf it would drive me crazy.Lot of dust from vehicular traffic would enter my bed room through the half open windows.The other side was a vacant plot.When there was power cuts for long periods it was pitch dark and there were Cobras living in the Vacant plot.

Bed Rooms.

2 Bed Rooms is all I need.

My dream home is only with two bedrooms.I have a son and a daughter who live far away from me and they visit once a year to see me and my wife and stay only for three weeks.My relatives are many and they do not stay in my home when they visit.It is no use to have more than two bedrooms as maintenance will be difficult with the biggest all India problem of domestic help.You would have read about children being kidnapped and sold to work as domestic helpers and hoe few children escaped from the people who had purchased them.We have to listen to these people who come as domestic helpers and meet their demands and pay whatever they ask.They even demand money as advance and keep that as deposit for employing them so that they are not sacked at the whims and fancy of their employers.There are reports of these domestic helpers committing burglary and crime in many houses.We need to check the background of these domestic helpers and even seek police help if required to check the background of these domestic helpers.This being the state of affairs in this country very big house for middle income group people who were in higher category few decades back have gone down from upper income group to middle income group as of now and god only knows if we can survive at the present position in the days to come..

It is not Bed Room only what about Kitchen.

Any home has to have a kitchen where the most important need for our daily life "The Meal " for the god made finest pure body given to us on our arrival on this planet. We need to take care of this pure body the fine instrument a gift of god.Where do we prepare this meal which we are to eat at fixed time cooked to specifications at required temperature and period so as to preserve its most critical herbs and spices to enter your body and give you a long healthy life.This kitchen therefore has to be super clean with good water, smokeless,odorless and fresh air.I stayed in a Bungalow built by a British Architect he had made a kitchen out side the house with a passage from where the cook would bring hot food and serve.That was a fine idea but when I built a similar kitchen at Hosur I found something unexpected the cook was stealing few items.The driver was taking cold water from refrigerator and the servant maid was eating our breakfast and cook was serving her a lso when we were eating breaking our breakfast.We had never expected this would happen even after telling the cook not to allow any one inside the kitchen which was out side the house and unseen by us.This was now a major issue which was unstoppable.The inside Kitchen was just a show piece but we cood cook our food some times.I had to lock the kitchen but than the cook would be inside the house and listen to whatever we discussed.Keeping a jar of Tea in out side kitchen was necessary but if the cook took 4 spoons we would never know.The location of the kitchen was a problem.

May not be so huge for just 2 but its a plan.

Another Kitchen design with a separate Dining Room.

I need few more rooms.

A home does not end with just 2 Bed Rooms and a Kitchen I need the following:

  1. A Veranda to keep those items which need to be kept at the entrance to a home.
  2. A sitting room where visitors are made to sit and wait with out entering the main house.
  3. A Drawing room where visitors are taken in to meet the family and chit chat.
  4. A Store Room adjustment to the Kitchen.
  5. A Wash room for keeping things to wash.
  6. A Garage to keep your Car.
  7. A Rest room with toilet for Domestic Helpers.

The Plan in Sqft for such a Home will be 100'x100'

(click column header to sort results)
Built Area in sqft  
Other requirements.  
100 sqft
7000 sqft
Open Garden around the Home
in sqft is 3,000 sqft

Cost of Construction.

The cost of construction depends on the budget you make for each of the materials you want to use in the construction of your home.I know a archaeologist in Bangalore who imported ancient stones from Rajasthan and Himalayan border to be used in the construction of his house the cost of these stones in unimaginable.However as I am at a lower level than that archaeologist and so my budget is a maximum of Rs.900 per sq ft and the cost of my home will be:-

(a) Area to be constructed - 7,000 sqft * Rs.900 = Rs.64 Lakhs with out taking the land value.

(b)The cost of Land will be Rs.75 per sqft in a area out side Bangalore Urban place.As such the cost of land will be Rs.75 * 10,000 = Rs.7,50,000.

(c) The above is just the house with out any furniture and other infrastructure needed so the cost of. this will be Rs.6,00,000/-

The Total Cost therefore will be as under:-

(a) Rs.64,00,000

(b) Rs.07,50,000

(c) Rs.06,00,000

The Grand Total Cost will be Rs.145,00,000 lakhs.

Should I construct this House ?.

Let me take it as a project and see if its worth constructing this house.If I had this much amount in my bank and if it's in Fixed Deposit in a Nationalized Bank I would be getting interest at 9.75 % per annum and that would be Rs.14,13,764 per year or Rs.1,17,814 per month.This entire amount is above the tax exemption amount of Rs.10,00,000 to get this amount I have to invest a sum of Rs.5,00,000 in some securities that would be non taxable.This would mean my income from securities is uncertain and I better forget what ever it be and take my income at a sum of Rs.9,00,000 lakhs only per year or Rs.75,000/- per month.This is not a taxable income as I will be over a age of 80 and super senior citizen and exempted from tax for this amount of interest from my fixed deposit of Rs.143,00,000/- lakhs.Constructing a house I will lose this much income of Rs.9,00,000/- as all the money goes in a house which gets its value depreciated year after year and only the land valve may get appreciated.

Let me take the land value appreciation at 20 % over a period of 10 years as its located in a rural area.The provisional appreciation would be 20% of Rs.6,00,000 which is a sum of Rs.1,20,000 which is Rs.Rs.7,20,000/- over a period of 10 years.That will be Rs.72,000 per year or Rs.6,000/- per month.If I had invested this money which I invested in tax saving securities I would have earned a interest of 9.75 which is Rs.4874/per month.and this amount for 10 years would have been Rs.5,85,00,000 over a period of 10 years.if the land appreciation was 20% after 10 years and there were buyers for that price which would be Rs.7,05,000/-If the property was not sold due to some reason this assumption is baseless.The interest fro Tax Saving securities would be better as you will get Rs.4874 per month all.the 10 years.The person who buys a house after 10 years of its construction would.definitely pay not even 50 % of Rs.141,00,000/ Now to sum up the project.

Invest Rs.141,00,000 Lakhs

Put it in Fixed Deposit and earn monthly a income of Rs.75,000/-

Invest Rs.141,00,000 Lakhs

Construct a house and perhaps earn a rent of Rs.45,000 and make a loss of Rs.30,000 per month which adds up to Rs.3,60,000 per year or Rs.36,00,000 per 10 years.

Sell the house after 10 years which may be sold for Rs.95,00,000/- and make a loss of Rs.46,00,000/-

I will not earn any money for 10 years from the Fixed Deposit and find means to live as all my savings are on my property.

If I live in a Rented House and Pay Rs.30,000/- I still have Rs.45,000/ to spend for my living.

If I am wrong tell me.


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